2019 Seongnam Medical Tourism Convention - Finding out More About Healthcare and Aesthetics Treatments in Korea

Xinyi Soh | 2 Oct 2019

2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention was held at Seongnam City Hall for three days from September 20 (Fri) to 22 (Sun), and we were honoured to be able to join the convention to find out more about healthcare and aesthetic treatments that are available in Seongnam, Korea.

The international medical tourism convention showcased Seongnam's excellent medical tourism industry infrastructure, and many hospitals and clinics took part in the convention to let the media and public find out more about what they have to offer. While the world is well aware that international patients fly in to Seoul for plastic surgeries, it is time to know that Korea is not just that as it boasts of an excellent medical infrastructure and many international patients head over to Korea for their health treatments as well.

We visited each booth to have a better understanding of the services the hospitals and clinics provided, and it was an eye opening experience to see the doctors' expertise and advance technologies that are used in the healthcare and medical aesthetics industry today. Here are some of the hospitals and clinics that took part in the 2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention that we attended that deserves a special highlight.


Medipia Medipium Clinic

Established in 1992 with the aim to become a reliable and trusted medical institution, Medipia (with its headquarters in Seohyeon-Dong) is ahead and leading the medical services culture. In 2013,「BEST & BEAUTY - BNB」, an integrated medical centre, was opened with the best facilities, top-notch medical staff and best customer services. Medipium represents one of the largest integrated medical institutions in the Pangyo region. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in medical services, they provide heart-warming care to their patients. A one-stop diagnosis and treatment are offered for services from overall check-ups to plastic surgeries, skincare and aesthetic dental treatments. 

Address : 159 Bundang Naegok-Ro, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-724-1821
Website :www.medipium.co.kr 


T Plus Dental Clinic

Located in Seongnam City, T Plus Dental Clinic provides high-quality treatment to patients. There are seven resident dental doctors recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, with four departments of orthodontics, preservation, prosthodontics and periodontology collaborating for treatments. With a patient-oriented mindset, they provide comfort and satisfaction that makes your smile more beautiful. 

Address : 1228 Seongnam-daero Sujeong-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-723-7522
Website :tpplus.co.kr


Lee Jian Gundang Balfeun Eye Clinic

Lee Jian Eye Clinic was opened in 2002 to offer Lasik surgery, cataract treatment, dream lenses and specialized treatment for pediatric patients. All their medical staff have specialized expertise, and they also collaborate with other doctors for the best results. Medical services are offered 365 days a year. 

Address : 3rd floor, Dolma-Ro 68, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : 1588-4574
Website : lasik-dreamlens.com


Re N Up Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Clinic

Re N Up Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Clinic's medical staff consist of specialists in plastic surgery who had worked in some of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the Gangnam and Apgujeong areas in Seoul. They stay away from surgeries that create a cookie-cutter image, but instead, tailor each design of the patient's features, and the surgery to the patient to maximize safety and satisfaction. 

1. A plastic surgeon handles consultation, surgery and post-surgery care.
2. All materials used for surgery and treatment are certified for their safety.
3. Customised solutions are offered to each individual.
4. The medical staff adjust their schedules to ensure they are in the best condition for treatments. 
5. Consultation is offered in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Address : 11th floor, Samdo Tower, Bundang Naegok-Ro 151, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-701-0970
Website : renupclinic.com


Seoul National University Hospital Bundang

Seoul National University Bundang has the vision to become a leading hospital for the public that meets international standards. With excellent track records in research and treatment, the hospital runs a differentiated training program. By acquiring the certification for 7 stages in HIMSS Analytics, it is also leading progress in the application of IT to the medical field. The International Treatment Center at Seoul National University Bundang offers systematic and advanced medical services to international patients. A collaborative diagnosis and treatment centre of international quality is offered through the Center. Interpretation services are offered for English, Russian or Arabic speakers so that all patients, regardless of their nationality, can feel at home when they come in for treatment.

Address : 82, gumiro 173 Gil, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam-si
Inquiries : +82-31-787-2035
Website : www.snubh.org


Bundang Jesaeng Hospital

Bundang Jesaeng Hospital is a hospital specializing in the application of IT to medical services. Its OSC, PACS and EMR are the first to be introduced in Korea. With 25 departments and 13 special centres, the hospital runs a total of 638 hospital beds and has over 1300 staff members. In the past 17 years, the hospital welcomed 6.48 million out patients and over 120,000 cases of surgery. The brain tumour centre and liver disease centre are among the best in the world and the reconstruction centre for burn patients offer expertise and high-quality services while providing comfort to patients.

Address : 20, Seohyeon-Ro 180 Gil, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam
Inquiries : +82-31-779-0800
Website :www.dmc.or.kr


Bundang CHA Hospital, Dental Medicine University

Opened in 1995, Bundang CHA Hospital is the first general hospital to have been established in a new city outside of Seoul. It has now grown to one of the leading hospitals of the CHA Hospital Group. Differentiated treatment services are offered with the help of cutting-edge medical equipment and the opening of a specialized centre. In 2013, it was selected as a researched-focused hospital of Korea. The university of dental medicine, the Pangyo General Research Institute and the Cancer Research Center ensure that experiments, clinical resources and the latest technology are brought together for the best results. State-of-the-art technology in anti-cancer treatment such as stem cell technologies and immune cell treatments, as well as radiology equipment and surgical systems provide a nearly complete medical environment. Clinical studies based on thorough academic research and collaboration with industry and academia allows them to go beyond diagnosis and treatment of cancer to tracking and management. The hospital intends to become a global cancer centre for tailored treatment throughout the patient’s lifetime. 

Address : 59 Yatap-Ro, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-780-4857
Website :bundang.chamc.co.kr


Bobath Memorial Hospital

Bobath Memorial Hospital was opened in May 2002 to commemorate the spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Bobath from the U.K. who contributed their lives to the betterment of patients in pain. It is a medical institution specializing in neural diseases of the brain and chronic internal diseases, complete with high-quality treatment systems and integrated medical services. In particular, tailored rehabilitation services are offered by medical doctors and treatment specialists in neurology and rehabilitation medicine. The hospital also aims to become the specialist in medical services for the elderly, by treating chronic internal illnesses, degenerative neurological illnesses and recovery after the occurrence of acute diseases. In line with the globalization of the medical services market, the hospital has been foraying into the markets in the Middle East and China. 

Address : 155-7 Daewang Pangyo-Ro, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-786-3501
Website :www.bobath.co.kr


Philip Medical Center of Changdeok Medical Foundation

Philip Medical Center was established on a site of 1900 pyeong (Korean unit of area and floorspace)under the Healthcare 2006 project that has been in the works since 1998. The plan is to establish one of the best medical systems with the centre spanning two underground floors and eight floors above ground. The building was designed to offer more patient-oriented healthcare services. The radiology and imaging department that opened in 1975 boasts one of the largest in its category in Korea and the precision diagnosis equipment are on par with those used in prestigious university hospitals in Korea. Combined with their experience in healthcare for over 40 years, they are recognized as one of the best hospitals specializing in radiology, internal medicine and health checkups. In June 2015, an annexe building was opened (with one floor underground and eight floors above ground) with a checkup centre (VVIP checkup centre), neurology department, special test centre and dermatology department. It has now become one of the major health checkup centres in Korea. 

Address : 10, Hwangsaeul-Ro 311, Bundang-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-789-5870
Website :www.philipmed.com


Nubebe Oriental Medicine Clinic

Established in 1998, Nubebe Oriental Medicine Clinic has provided oriental medical services to over 500,000 patients per year suffering from obesity, slow growth, precocious puberty and overall weakness. Our goal is to provide quality treatment while prioritizing safety. To make medical services more widely available, we try to keep costs low through innovation.

Address : 4th floor, Jangan Building, Sanseongdae-Ro 352, Jungwon-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-745-6400
Website :www.nubebe.com 


Chung Hospital of Soonchunhyang Medical Foundation

Chung Hospital of Soonchunhyang Medical Foundation has increased its cutting-edge medical facilities and the number of patient rooms. With a specialized hospice, the hospital now boasts approximately 400 patient beds. To reduce infection in patients that have undergone artificial joint surgery or spine surgery, they have established a facility to sterilize the entire operating room, which is the first of its kind in Korea. Cutting-edge surgery equipment has also been introduced for major orthopaedic, general or neurological surgeries. There is also a system to ensure clear responsibility regarding diagnosis and treatment. 

Address : 76 Sujeong-Ro, Sujeong-Gu
Inquiries : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website :chungsh.com


Raon Heal Hospital

With tailored services to our patients and a specialized treatment team consisting of a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, work therapist and social welfare personnel, Raon Heal Hospital run clinics dedicated to each illness to ensure a quick recovery. All the employees at Raon Heal Hospital are committed to improving their patients' quality of life through tailored medical services and care.

Address : 13(Yeosu-Dong), Yanghyeon-Ro 405, Jungwon-Gu
Inquiries : +82-31-709-9119
Website :raonheal.co.kr