4D Fluid Facelift

Amaris B. Clinic | 5 Jun 2014

4D Fluid Facelift is a specially crafted facial fillers treatment, which can be applied to address today’s Top 3 facial concern – facial enhancement, facial rejuvenation and facial slimming.

4D Fluid Facelift brings you the following 4‘D’ benefits which allows you to uncover facial enhancement like never before:

  • Defying Age – Restore youthful fullness to face
  • Definite Enhancement – Enhance shallow contours
  • Define Features – Plump lips, contoured nose and chin
  • De-crease fine lines – Soften facial crease and wrinkles


4D Fluid Facelift treatment is very versatile. It is one treatment that uses fillers to take cares of all varying individual needs, across all ages.


18 – 28 years old

You probably want more out of what you have or wish to create what you don’t have. So you are looking more at facial enhancement, such as wanting to have sharper facial features and have a slimmer looking face. 4D Fluid Facelift can help to define your features – giving you a set of fuller lips, a well-contoured nose and sharper chin.

28 – 48 years old

At this stage, you may start to see early signs of ageing so you may want to focus more on facial rejuvenation and reversing the sign of ageing.  4D Fluid Facelift can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and add volume back into skin – to help restore youthful fullness to your face.

48 and above

Since you are in a more advanced stage of ageing, you can benefit greatly from facial rejuvenation and face lift treatment. This can help to subtly improve your overall complexion. 4D Fluid Facelift, which optimizes the smart use of fillers, can reduce the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, and also restore back the volume you’ve lost through ageing process – thus smoothing and revitalizing your skin.

4D Fluid Facelift is also an alternative facelift treatment, if you aren’t keen or are just not ready to go through a facelift surgery.


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