Age isn’t the only Factor of Baldness

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics | 8 Aug 2014

Baldness or hair loss is usually something only adults need to worry about. Both men and women tend to lose hair thickness and amount as they age. However, age isn’t the only factor of this condition.

Hair loss can result from factors like thyroid disease, inflammation, diet, childbirth, age, heredity and certain medications.

The most common form of male and female pattern scalp hair loss is termed androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss), and is genetically inherited from either side of the family and begins to develop after puberty. Male pattern hair loss is determined by a combination of heredity and male hormones called androgens, which include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Hair on the front and top of the scalp that is genetically affected by DHT starts to shrink until it is lost whereas hair at the back and sides of the scalp is generally permanent because it is not affected by DHT.

Ballvic Shampoo & Serum

Inflammation and DHT are the two leading causing of hair loss. Ballvic with Copper Peptide is an anti-inflammatory sustains and acts as DHT blockers to effectively stop and retard further hair loss. Applied directly to areas of hair loss and thinning hair, it will stimulate hair growth in dormant hair follicles. It is therefore possible to halt the leading causes of hair loss and baldness. It will also facilitate thick, healthy hair growth.

Benefits of using Ballvic

• Prevents hair loss
• Stimulates dormant hair follicles for re-growth
• Stops leading causes of hair loss – inflammation and acts as a DHT blocker
• Increase hair follicle size
• Maintains healthy hair and a healthy scalp
• Accelerated wound repair
• Improve hair transplant success
• Blocks oxidative injury in tissues

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