Asian Double Fold Surgery. To Cut or Not to Cut?

OZ Cosmetic Clinic | 11 Mar 2013

Many Asians have single eyelids (or very small double eyelids), an Epicanthic fold which makes their eyes look small, tired, sleepy and angry even. Thus double eyelid surgery via the Medial Epicanthoplasty procedure is the most popular and most effective amongst Asians.

It is in my opinion that the Asian double fold surgery differs from that of the Caucasian as considerations has to be taken into account; of not only the physical but the cultural differences as well.

So which double eyelids procedure are most suitable and is incision necessary?

Incision vs. Non-incision for Double Eyelids

Largely, there are two classifications for the double fold procedure – Incision and Non-incision.

The non-incision procedure also known as the suture method is recommended for those with this eyelid skin, tight eyelid skin and little eyelid fat. Though the procedure has spot scar with minimal recovery period, there is a likelihood of the fold disappearing.

For those with thick eyelid skin or puffy, fatty eyelid and redundant skin, the incision procedure is recommended.

For young patients, I would recommend the partial incision technique also known as the minimal incision because the advantages of the partial incision technique include a short recovery period, faint unnoticeable scar and minimal tissue trauma thus making it easy in revisional surgery. It also produces a more natural result with a minimal chance (below 0.1%) of double fold disappearance.

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