Astique – Facial/ Mask that works like fillers!

Astique Clinic | 18 Oct 2013

Back in 2012, i went to Astique for the first time to get my fillers and botox done.

This time round MFP informed me that Astique Clinic would like to invite me to try out their facial and i take up their offer. It has been so long since i last did facial. And also, I would like to find out my face condition to improve my skin appearance. Time to give my skin a pamper session~

① All the products that they are using for the facial is: ESTHEMED, a product that is made in Korea.

② Massaging all the goodness into my skin so that i can has moisture, dewy, fairer and soft skin!

③ Checking my skin condition after the awesome and comfortable facial.

④ Good! Face condition is normal but T-zone is abit oily :’(

This is the first time did facial without feeling pain! Lol, no squeezing pimples, extracting of whiteheads/ blackheads. All my therapist did was massage the products into my skin, apply mask and use machine to let my skin absorb the products faster. Which type of facial do you prefer???

Astique recommend me to use ESTHEMED’s best seller, whitening line C+ series to start my journey to a healthy and fairer skin.

Experience the full line of vitamin C whitening trial kit:

① C+ Vita Essence in Toner → Booster + Toner + Essence in Just 1 step!

② Whitening Serum → Enhanced whitening effect with the 3 step blocking system!

③ C+ Laser White → Noticeable whitening effect by 10% of pure Vitamin C.

④ C+ Vita Sun Milk → UV Protection + Whitening effect + Skin Protection.

Basically it will provides sufficient moisture, nutrition and whitening effect to keep my skin soft and brighter.

Let’s take a look at what Dr.Matthew gave me, I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be good stuff!

Astique Recovery Essence Mask!

(This mask is ACTUALLY LIKE FILLERS, cap and bold it cause i scare you blind cannot see!)

This mask will improve elasticity and firmness of skin, smooth and softens skin texture which resulting in firmer and younger-looking skin. Wait, there’s more… It will also lock in moisture and revive the cells that regenerate the skin, thus allowing cells to release their energy.


*Maybe switch off the light your skin also will shine bright like a diamond*

Check out picture number 2 and see this mask is filled with juicy goodness!

Picture number 3 is before and 4 is after. Can you see the difference? Skin is tighter, smile line gone! :O

Who love tighter, fairer, brighter, healthy, moisture skin? *raise hand* ME, ME, ME! I’m going to do this mask without fail for continuously 5 days WITHOUT FAIL!

It’s never too late to start your daily skincare routine :) 

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#08-00 Shaw House
Singapore 238868
(Within Asiamedic Specialist Centre)

Tel: +65 6732 3801
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