Astique Medi-Facials: Developed for Asian Women by 31 Dermatologists

Astique Clinic | 16 Feb 2015

Developed for Asian Women by 31 dermatologists, these carefully selected natural, highly functional and irritant free ingredients will leave you looking younger, fabulous and radiant… Welcome to the future of beautiful skin!


Basic Facials

Pure Bliss Rejuvenation Facial (45mins) $98                        
For all skin types

Feeling stressed and out of balance? Give your skin a boost with our refreshing Luminescent scrub, complemented by an invigorating mask that deeply rejuvenates and brings out the radiance in you. This treatment is finished with ESTHEMED’s Hydra cream which replenishes and quenches your skin with intensive moisturising elements. This facial is excellent for ALL skin types. Enjoy!

Brilliant Clarity Facial (60mins) $220                        
For acne/oily/congested skin

Do you have acne-prone, clogged and oily skin? Keep pores clean and prevent breakouts with our deep cleansing purifying facial. Luminescent scrub gently exfoliates and deep cleanses while our soothing mask helps treat the redness and irritation of acne and congested pores. End with a hydrating mask and ESTHEMED’s moisturising crème which will add a ‘bounce’ to your skin.

Machine-based Treatments

Hydra-Recharge Facial (60mins) $220                     
For dry/combination skin

Fight dull and tired skin by re-hydrating your thirsty skin with our moisture-replenishing and radiance-infused facial. This treatment entails a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and provides a circulation boost. An aqueous massage cream is applied to your face and a relaxing massage soothes away tension of your head and shoulders. An alternating duo Hot and Cold machine ensures ESTHEMED’s B5 serum deeply penetrates your skin. ESTHEMED’s hydrating and radiant crème ends off this fabulous treatment to leave you glowing and recharged!

Anti-Aging Revitalift Facial (60mins) $220                  
For aged/dull/wrinkly skin

This anti-aging treatment is designed to combat all signs of aging especially those that result from environmental assaults. Natural Fruit Cells, peptides and 6 kinds of Nano vitamins from ESTHEMED’s Multi Vita range will be applied to visibly firm, lift and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.  An alternating duo Hot and Cold machine ensures ESTHEMED’s highly concentrated Multi Vita serum is directed deep into your skin. Prepare to emerge with as if an invisible veil of collagen was transfused onto your skin. Turn back the clock now!

Premium Anti-Aging Revitalift Facial (90mins) $280    
For  extremely aged/haggard skin

For extremely dull, aged and dehydrated skin, a combination of Microdermabrasion and an Ultra intense moisturising masque will further benefit your skin when added to the Anti-Aging Revitalift Facial.  Achieve polished and glowing skin with microdermabrasion where diamond shaped crystals gently exfoliate the skin, stimulating collagen while reducing skin damage related to age and environmental insults. An alternating duo Hot and Cold machine ensures ESTHEMED’s highly concentrated Multi Vita serum is directed deep into your skin. Lacklustre haggard  skin is also given a moisture boost with our revitalising masque.

Premium Hydra-Recharge Facial (90mins) $280     
For  extremely dry/damaged  skin

Add an extra oomph! to your skin with the addition of Microdermabrasion and an Ultra intense hydrating masque to the Hydra-Recharge Facial. Nourish extremely dry/damaged skin with our moisture-replenishing Hydra series. An alternating duo Hot and Cold machine ensures ESTHEMED’s B5 serum deeply penetrates your skin for optimal hydration. Transform dry and dull skin caused by UV rays and stress into clear and glowing skin with AA grade deep sea water from Kona, Hawaii. Simply exquisite!

Astique’s Signature Divine Lift Facial (90mins) $320       
For  extremely aged/sagging skin

Indulge in this coveted heavenly facial which combines the benefit of a Microdermabrasion with a State of the Art Advanced Stem Cell Peptide Lifting Ampoule and Masque. An aqueous massage cream is splashed onto your face and an ‘oh-so-good’ relaxing massage soothes away tension locked in your head and shoulders.

Take a deep breath as this miraculous lift transports you from the harsh concrete urban jungle into an oasis of inner calm and bliss. Expect miraculously firmer and visibly tighter skin. Injecting an alluring radiance into dull, aged skin, this phenomenal facial never fails to draw the ‘oohs and the ahhhs’…  Perfect for red-carpet worthy moments and special events!


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