[Blogger Ju Ann] I went for a Non-surgical Facelift with Sculptra

Celevenus Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic | 30 Jan 2015

Or, a face enhancement if you will. There are quite a few things I don't like about my face. Besides a less than ideally full and well rounded forehead, I have a lot of off dents and lines in random places all over my face. But after Sculptra, I look amazing!


Celevenus Sculptra photo 7_zpse230b55e.jpg

Before Sculptra

I don't know why I have these dents and lines which make my face look very crumpled if I do an exaggerated smile. While I tell myself not to be bothered by it, I would jump at the opportunity to reduce it (as long as it's non-surgical). Then I found out about Scupltra.

Scupltra can help you achieve a more youthful looking appearance that more than last up to two years

Facial volume can be traditionally replaced with fillers. The latest trend, however, is to achieve global facial volume replacement with Sculptra, through natural collagen stimulation with l-poly-lactic acid. Sculptra, known as 'the liquid facelift', would substantially increase the collagen of your skin to correct the folds, wrinkles and skin laxity as a consequence of aging. The result looks and feels more natural than what fillers can do, and can potentially last twice as long.

I went to Celevenus for my Sculptra Treatments because:
  • Dr. Dylan Chau, the medical director at Celevenus and also my doctor, is the trainer of Sculptra in Singapore
  • Dr Chau has done numerous cases of Sculptra procedures
  • Dr Chau is one of the most experienced practioner and pioneer in Sculptra procedure ever since its launch in Singapore
  • Dr Chau is also the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Sculptra.

Sculptra is suitable for:

Sculptra Treatment Areas

(Picture from Celevenus Website)

- Deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) also called smile lines
- The lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)
- Sunken & droopy cheeks
- Sunken temples
- Eye bags & dark eye circles caused by sunken tear troughs
- Skin laxity

When I arrived at Celevenus, I was greeted immediately and served a very nice hot red date longan tea. The friendly nurses brought me to a comfortable room where they applied numbing cream on me. I waited about 30mins for the numbing cream to set in.

Sculptra Celevenus photo 1_zps2862dd82.jpg

After my numbing cream was done, Dr. Dylan Chau came in and he started marking out areas to improve on. The nurses knew I was nervous and they were so sweet to give me stress balls to press on if I wanted to. Here's my face after a consultation with Dr Dylan. He marked out all the areas that I can lift and fill in white.

Celevenus Sculptra photo 21_zpsce5d1ae1.jpg

The areas for improvement for me were basically:

- Nasolabial Folds,: To lift up

- Forehead & Temples: To make these areas more plump and rounded, especially the areas above the brows, so that my bone structure above the brows would look less prominent and my temples less sunken in!

- Various other areas around my cheeks and chin area: To fill in the dents

And then it begun!

Needle after needle, I was bring propelled to a better face! After we were done, Dr Chau sat down and massaged the areas where he had injected Sculptra in to smoothen it all out for a more natural look.

Sculptra Celevenus photo 4_zps481b1359.jpg

Immediately after the session, my face swelled a little (due to the numerous injections) and gave me a preview of how I may look like after my entire Sculptra treatment is completed. I went to work the very next day and NOBODY noticed the difference! Even my closest colleague couldn't tell when I asked her to take a very close look at me and tell me if I look different.

Celevenus Sculptra photo CIMG1531_zpsfb4f7349.jpg

(Above photo taken 2 weeks after the treatment)

Celevenus Sculptra photo CIMG2128_zps580c5d70.jpg

(Above photo taken 6 weeks after the treatment)

The swelling subsided within 2-3 days and I went back to looking like what I did before. This is normal as this is when the stimulation of collagen production underneath my skin begins! Progressively after 4 weeks, I really think I look kinda younger with smoother facial contours. My nasolabial folds look especially lifted. I'm really happy with how I look! The changes are subtle but its noticeable to me. I am looking forward to my next appointment for a topup and for more sculptra to help stimulate more collagen growth in areas that need help!

I'll be going for another 2-3 sessions over the next few months. The end result will be a more natural, younger looking appearance that can last more than 2 years or 25 months. :)


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