[Blogger Wendy Ashley] Venus Viva, Experiencing the Innovation of Skin Rejuvenation

Only Clinic | 10 Sep 2014
Went to O Medical Clinic @ Wheelock Place after my work to get my first session of skin resurfacing done with them.

I'm going to review more about the new technology by VenusViva in this post!

If you have been following me, you would have know that I have gone through several different kinds of laser for my skin, due to acne scars, blemishes, large pores and also sunspots. I don't mind spending a little just to get my baby smooth skin back. I think little make up is needed or even no make up once you have glowy, healthy and dewy skin. Cos I really hate to be slapping on make up on my skin to clog up the pores even more, it's definitely a chore!

I can't wait to be confident once again without my make up!!! So girls, if you are facing the same issue as I do, READ ON!

The VenusViva machine that make wonders!

Numbing cream will be applied on your skin for approximately 30mins.

My skin feels sore, hot and tight after the treatment. And I would say the pain level is about 7/10 even with the help of numbing cream.

I can't imagine it without!! You will feel tiny weeny needles each time they apply the shots.

Ok but I'm one who can endure pain so I was still pretty calm throughout.

I'm the kind of ai sui mai mia one so I will endure anything for beauty sake hehehe.

And then the lovely nurses will help you out with the mask aftermath, and that's to soothe your skin. After which they will apply moisturizer and sunblock and you're DONE!

Remember your shades too!!! It helped me to cover half of my face in case people give you weird stares at your face.

Here's 2 picture update on my skin after the treatment:

Day 1 after the treatment.

You can see many boxes on my face lol that's because this is how the laser looks like.

Picture below was taken just right before my 2nd appointment. My face has much more glow in it! And scars definitely lessen by like a good 20% - 30%:

I'm really glad with the results in just 1 treatment! However, a few more sessions of treatments will be needed to see better results! I will record my progress as time goes by.

So the nurse will assist you in cleansing your makeup (if any) before applying the numbing cream.

Anyway it's Christine who helped me with it and I must really compliment her for her attentiveness.

Despite many patients that she meet everyday, she remembers my skin condition on my first visit.

She told me that my skin got so much better and it's progressing well (then showing me my before picture on their ipad), she even remember that I did not want to remove my eye make cos I want to take before and after pics, hahaha.

Such little gestures made my day, totally.

Thank you Christine!

Applied the numbing cream and usually, the longer you put, the better. So I had it left on for 1 hr 15 mins! HAHAHA.

And I totally can't feel my face anymoreeeeeeeeee............

This time wasn't as pain the previous one cos of the duration of numbing cream applied I guess?


And next up followed by soft mask! That's to cool down your skin.

I think I'm really good at blind selfies, hahaha! I took this photos using my front camera and they are all so nicely fitted in the frame.

Applied moisturizer and sunblock and you're good to go!


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