Changes in a Woman's Appearance: A Personal Experience from Dr Celine Leong

Astique Clinic | 6 Aug 2015

Dr Celine Leong shares with us on how we can take care of our skin problems and stretch marks during and post pregnancy.



Motherhood is an exciting journey. It is a big decision to become a mother, and getting ready for all the changes that are to come is no small feat. 

Dr Celine Leong, a doctor at ASTIQUE, THE AESTHETIC CLINIC, is a mother to two lovely children. 

From the onset of pregnancy, a mother experiences changes physically and emotionally. On top of the joy of expecting, many mothers-to-be start to feel stressed up and overwhelmed. Many also feel tired, while changes to their skin and body shape may also cause them to feel unattractive.

Watch the video as Dr Celine Leong shares with us the different methods that can be used to address skin and body changes post pregnancy.



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