Coolsculpting, your Alternative to Liposuction and Fast Weight Loss Strategy

Astique Clinic | 2 Mar 2015

Safe, non-invasive, painless and quick, it is like kryptonite to stubborn fats. Here’s Cool Sculpting to the rescue!

Cool Sculpting is FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime - a very safe procedure and a perfect alternative to liposuction and fast weight loss strategy.

Cool Sculpting is the ideal option to get rid off any localized fatty areas. No matter how much exercise or god eating habits are invested, you are still not looking as slim as you wish to.

Why? It is because, my dear, you have STUBBORN FATS.

Developed by Harvard scientists, the clinically proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damaging your skin. With no downtime, knives, laser or needles, you can go about your routine after the treatment. And the best part about this painless procedure, you can see visible results after only ONE visit.

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CoolSculpting, $599
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