Crystal Tomato Promotes an Even Tone & Radiant Complexion in 60 Days

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics | 26 Feb 2015

Crystal Tomato is the latest health supplement that's scientifically proven to protect the skin from within, aiming to promote an even tone and radiant complexion in 60 days.


A collaboration between Gromark and Israeli research scientists, this revolutionary product is a natural powder extract from non-genetically modified white tomatoes. Regular tomatoes contain only negligible amounts of Phytoene and no Phytofluene, they also carry colored carotenoids that make the skin look orange.

In contract, Crystal Tomato stocks the very unique colorless carotenoids, the "first molecules produced in the sequence of processes in the tomato plant which primarily function as antioxidants."
  • Boost the skin's natural ability to protect from the sun's damaging UV rays

  • Protect against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors

  • Anti-inflammatory properties aginst wounds and UV damage

  • Inhibit melanin synthesis to prevent pigmentation spots from forming

  • Ability to treat melasma internally and externally present in the cells including dark acne scars, freckles, dark underarms and age spots 
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