Did You Know That Light Emitted from Your Smartphones and Laptops Can Affect Your Skin?

Astique Clinic | 11 May 2018

According to survey findings. Singaporeans spend an average of 12 hours and 42 mins on their gadgets daily. Most of us know that spending too much time on the smartphone may affect our sleep, cause neck and shoulder pains, and adds on to our work stress since we are reachable 24/7.

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On top of the common side effects that we know of, it has been recently reported that the blue light emitted from most gadgets like our smartphones, tablets, and computers ages our skin. Unlike the sun's UV rays, blue light does not cause skin cancer. However, because it reaches the deeper layers of our skin, it can create havoc in our skin cells and accelerate skin aging. Blue light also accelerates the oxidation process and damage our skin barrier, resulting in dull skin, pigmentation, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

That said, we can still take precautions and reduce the hazard of blue light on our skin.


1. Limit screen time

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It may sound really hard because we are so used to checking our emails and social media feeds whenever we have free time on our hands for the FOMO. As much as we can't escape from looking at the laptop during work hours, you can try to use less of your smartphones after that. Read a book, or meet up with friends for dinner instead of scrolling your phone to pass time.


2. Get a blue light filter

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You can purchase a blue light screen protector for your laptops, tablets, and smartphones to reduce blue light emission from reaching your skin. It's a small step to take to make sure that you keep your skin in a good condition, and your eyes will thank you for it too.


3. Get a sunscreen that includes blue light protection 

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Make sure that your next sunscreen protects against blue light. With more and more reports of blue light being bad for our skin, more and more brands are launching skincare products that are targeted at blue light protection. Check with your favourite beauty brands to find one that is suitable for your skin.


4. Go for regular skin treatments

While we can't undo the harm done, we can always go for beauty treatments to repair our skin. Head over to your aesthetic clinic and get your doctor to check on your skin. Laser treatments are great for stimulating natural collagen growth, improve pores, remove irregular pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles; or go for regular medi-facials to maintain your skin health and keep it in a tip-top condition. We also recommend the Milk Peel treatment from Astique Clinic if you are looking to revive a dull complexion.


Astique Clinic Milk Peel Treatment

Blogger Maybeline Sim trying the Milk Peel Treatment at Astique Clinic.

The Milk Peel Treatment is suitable for all skin types and has no downtime, unlike that of a chemical peel. You can go about your daily activities after that without having a need to take leave and stay at home to recover.  It helps to regulate oily skin and dilated pores, improves fine lines and wrinkles, evens our skin tone, boosts the action of our daily skincare, and give our complexion the radiance it deserves.

Find out more about the Milk Peel Treatment by booking a consultation with Astique Clinic.



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