Do Acne Patches Really Work?

Radium Medical Aesthetics | 2 Jul 2018

Picture this: You have an important event to attend the next day but you spotted an acne in its full glory, standing proudly in the middle of your cheek. Worst scenario ever.

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While pimple cream is our go-to at times like that, the past decade has seen a rise in acne patches being touted as the solution for acne. These acne patches are patches that you paste over your spots to help them heal faster, and some are medicated, while the others are not.


Do acne patches really work?

Acne patches are broadly divided into two main types -- non-medicated and medicated.

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The non-medicated acne patches are made of a thick, hydrocolloid material that helps to absorb the pus from your acne, and at the same time, prevent the acne from drying out to speed up healing time. The medicated patches are usually made of a thinner material and infused with active ingredients to treat the blemish, and unlike the non-medicated ones, they do not draw the pus out from them. The common ingredients used are, not surprisingly, tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

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Acne patches work well as a cover-up for your blemishes and they can keep your itchy fingers from picking at them. Besides that, a dab of concealer can help them blend into your skin to make the patch least obvious. The medication on the patches also targets your spots to promote healing. 

However, some cons do come along with them, though. If you have sensitive skin, the concentrated medication and adhesive on the patches may irritate your skin and cause further inflammation. And although they act like "concealers" for your acne, those patches that are thicker isn't easy to hide and they are definitely going to attract attention. While they help to heal acne, they are not long-term solutions for them, and definitely ineffective for severe cystic acne.


Acne treatments

Together with the acne products that you use at home, it is advisable to seek help for your acne problems if they are going out of hand. Opt for a facial treatment like Radium Medical Aesthetics' Acne Clear Program that targets the root of your acne problems by eradicating pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, improve clogged pores, and clears away dark and red acne scars using medical-grade deep cleansing treatments. 

Alternatively, head to an aesthetic clinic and seek a doctor’s professional advice on the treatments available for your skin woes. If you have oily skin, try treatments that target oil reduction like AGNES Acne Treatment Program to get rid of the culprit once and for all. If you are plagued with clogged pores, go for treatments like Spectra Carbon Laser Peel that can deep cleanse your skin and can get rid of all the gunk and toxins in your pores to prevent acne.

For people with more severe acne condition and have deeper pockets, Acne Clear Ultimate Program is designed to restore your prepubescent skin texture. It helps to remove acne scars and provide the most effective blemish revision. Acne Clear Ultimate features 8 sessions of deep cleansing by ultrasonic waves, AquaPeel to remove clogs, LED Blue Light to kill acne-causing bacteria, LED Red Light to heal red, inflamed skin, and a fruit acid peel to stimulate cell turnover and remove any residual dead skin cells which hinder the regulation of the pores. This effective acne treatment program also features 2 laser treatments – Spectra Carbon Laser Peel and Anti-Redness Gold Toning Laser. Spectra Carbon Laser Peel delivers laser energy deep into the pores to reduce oil production, acne, and acne marks, while the Anti-Redness Gold Toning laser targets unsightly red acne scars.

Book an appointment with Dr.Siew Tuck Wah from Radium Medical Aesthetics to determine the right treatments for your skin condition.


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