Does a High-Fat Diet Cause Double Chin?

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 11 Jul 2017

A double chin is a common condition when a layer of fat forms below our chin or what doctors call the submental area. Although one can develop a double chin if there is a weight gain or when one is overweight, putting on weight and being overweight doesn't mean you will end up having a double chin.

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We did a poll on MyFatPocket to see if our readers got it right. Results revealed that 61% of voters think that double chins are caused by a high-fat diet and 39% thinks otherwise. In fact, most said that they watch their diet, but they still have that unwelcomed extra chin.




If a high-fat diet isn't the only cause of double chins, then what are the other reasons?


1. Genetics


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It is possible. Even skinny person can have a double chin. Some of us are more prone to having a double chin simply because we are more genetically predisposed to it. Of course, the condition can get worse with age.


2. Aging


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As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag. At the same time, our neck muscles also lose its strength to hold the chin muscles taut and further sagging results in a more obvious baggage under our chin.


3. Weight gain


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Although this is not the sole reason for a double chin, it is one of them. Fat accumulates under our chin and with the sagging that comes as we age, a double chin appears.


How can we get rid of our double chin?

Advancements in medical technology mean that we have more treatment options and we no longer have to go under the knife to get our double chin removed. 

CoolSculpting is a popular, non-invasive aesthetic treatment that is effective in body contouring. The treatment freezes your subcutaneous fat into crystals and disposes of them naturally from your body. CoolSculpting can even be used for smaller areas like our double chin with an applicator called the CoolMini. This is a smaller-size applicator that can treat smaller areas like the knee fat and bra fat at the armpit area. CoolMini has been a popular treatment since its launch thanks to its efficacy and for the fact that it is a no downtime treatment.

Speak to your doctor to discuss your suitability for the CoolMini treatment. Remember that it is important to seek the opinion of a medical expert and make sure that you are in safe hands.


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