Double Eyelids - Unnoticeable Scar, Clean & Crisp Double Fold Crease

OZ Cosmetic Clinic | 10 Dec 2013

How does OZ Cosmetic Clinic make Innoticeable Scar, Clean & Crisp Double Fold Crease with fast recovery? Double fold surgery is a rather simple procedure which ends within an hour, but it is very difficult to make an excellent result and to meet every patient’s need.



For that, communication between patients and doctors are very important and doctor’s sincere efforts to understand the patient’s special needs are crucial.

In addition, technique is very important in this kind of delicate procedure. Even though most cosmetic clinics are performing Asian double fold surgery, not every patient can get a good result. 

Many patients ask OZ Clinic why they have unnoticeable scar, more natural result, clean & crisp double fold crease and faster recovery. Better results come from better technique, experience and many know-hows. The method OZ Clinic has no name because the doctors just stick to the basic principles of surgery.

All the steps in procedure like design, anesthesia, incision, dissection, fixation and closure are important.


So what is the basic principles in double fold surgery?

Design: Double fold design should follow the natural skin crease in upper eyelids to make clean double fold crease and to minimize scar. If the design doesn’t follow the natural skin crease, the scar becomes irregular and the resulting double fold crease doesn’t look natural in a certain position. 

Anesthesia: OZ Clinic always prefer local anesthesia in double fold surgery because Dr Park should see the movement of eyelids exactly during the procedure. He frequently asks the patients to sit up to see the symmetry and to correct the asymmetric movement of eyelids and asymmetric drooping of skin. By using the thinnest needle and by injecting slowly, the patients can feel less pain, have less bruising and swelling, and will have more symmetric and predictable results. 

Incision and dissection: Accurate angle between skin and knife and appropriate pressure are crucial to minimize postoperative scar. Slanting incision or laser incision produce noticeable scar. Careful dissection, meticulous cauterization, preservation of small vessels and subcutaneous tissue are very important to subcutaneous scar formation and guarantee faster recovery. 

Rough dissection, improper cauterization and improper removal of subcutaneous tissue make huge scar under the skin, make incision line irregular and noticeable and produce prolonged swelling and bruise. 

Skin excision and fat removal: Appropriate excision of redundant skin and removal of fat can make results better. Removal of fat includes not only orbital fat but also retro-orbital fat under eyebrow sometimes.

Fixation: Dr Park always prefer dynamic fixation in which the double fold crease is fixed to levator aponeurosis that is movable. By lightly attaching both sides, light and shallow double fold crease can be created. In addition, the incision line becomes even when the patients close their eyes.

This kind of dynamic fixation requires full understanding of eyelid movement and many experiences. Static fixation in which double fold crease is fixed to immovable, deep tarsal plate makes deep, irregular, noticeable scar. Most patients who undergo revisional surgery have deep and irregular double fold scar which was developed by too strong static fixation.

Closure: Suture material that the doctor uses is non-braided nylon which is thinner than a hair and prevent skin twisting and stitch marks. Early removal of the stitches at Postoperative Day 3 or 4 prevents stitch marks and milia formation. Full attention to match both skin ends accurately guarantee faint and even scar. Thick thread, big needle, improper matching of both skin ends, late removal of stitches produce more noticeable scar and milia formation.

As you can see, little details make a big difference.


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