Dr Mythbuster Touches on Weight Loss Machines, Collagen Supplements, Fats & Gastritis

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics | 16 Apr 2015


Opinions and significant discoveries from respected professionals in the various field of sciences are often held in high regards. One such individual is Dr Ivan Tan of Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics, a clinic that specializes in the aesthetic or the Science of Beauty. Dr Tan is a much sought after expert in his field who is forthcoming in sharing his knowledge undoubtedly gained through both years of academic and practical experience.

Body Contouring & Weight Loss Machines Myth Debunked



Dr Tan emphasised that Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics provides body contouring service and not weight loss per se, although they do provide advice in regards. Body contouring involves the external reshaping or as its namesake, contouring of the body. The fat content in the body however remains unchanged and therefore the weight of the individual remains the same. Even if there was weight loss, it is usually accredited loss of water in the body.

In the same breath, he managed to dispel the myth and misconceptions people have in regards to weight-loss services provided by slimming centres. He states that unless it’s a liposuction procedure, there are no machines that can make excess weight and fats disappear. So essentially, the success of the non-invasive slimming treatments provided by these centres largely depends also on the accompanying recommended dietary plans which may include supplements and the like. 

Chances are we’ve all most often than not, heard of the term Big and Beautiful. So if an individual is on the plus size but having firm skin with little cellulite, they’re still presentable. Patients usually undergo a contouring treatment to help them look better. 

Do collagen supplements work?

On the subject of supplements, he explains that despite the common claims associated with them, supplements are basically nutrition. For example, collagen by itself is too big a molecule to be absorbed from the gut. Essentially when collagen supplement is consumed, it is actually digested before being absorbed in the form of broken down collagen or amino acids. These forms building blocks in the body which in turn will produce collagen that produces the desired result and effect as scientifically claimed.

This explanation by Dr Tan manages to dispel the myth and the assumption that collagen directly effects areas where it’s needed immediately upon consumption. He also emphasised that a balanced nutrition would suffice to achieve a healthy body but due to the demands and rigours of an individual’s everyday schedule, supplements are usually recommended.

Exercise versus diet versus gastritis - how your fats are smarter than you



The theory behind the body’s fat storage is simple according to Dr Tan.

Drawing an analogy to having money in the bank, he explains that just like a bank where one’s money is kept, your body stores fats for when you need them. Likening food intake to cash in a wallet, Dr Tan explains that as long as there is money in one’s wallet, one doesn’t have the need to make a withdrawal from the bank.

So in an essence, if an individual keeps increasing their food intake the fats that are stored in the body will never decrease as such weight loss can never be achieved. This analogy backs up his opinion that it is important to restrict one’s intake in order to successfully lose weight.

As for Gastritis or gastric as its commonly known, Dr Tan emphasised that one does not get gastric from not eating but rather from an irregular eating habit. Gastric juices are produced in accordance to one’s eating habits. So if by a certain internal body clock where the stomach is accustomed to having food and it doesn’t, the gastric juices will act up and digest the stomach walls. The solution is to gradually minimise food intake as well as the frequency.

This will result in the body producing lesser gastric juice.

Dr Tan believes that it not what we eat but how much we eat that matters so even if an individual eats only healthy food, the volume is still the deciding factor when it comes to weight loss.  In his expert hands, many have realised their aesthetic dream come true and with the facts that he has shared in this article perhaps Dr Ivan Tan can add another title to his name, Dr Mythbuster!


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