DrS® 3D BodyShaper Program: Designed By Doctors, Powered By Medical Technology

CSK Clinic | 10 Jul 2014

Targets Stubborn Fats At Specific Body Zone! Do you spend 3hours in the gym daily only to see that you lose weight but not those stubborn fats and cellulites at tummy, thighs or arms? Fret not!

Dr Shiau, medical director of DrS® Weight Management Clinic understands the difficulty in shedding off those stubborn fats found around tummy, thighs and arms. Combining 15 years of experience and constant research - Dr.Shiau develops DrS® 3D BodyShaper Program which is safe and clinically-proven body shaping treatments to help her customers achieve desired body contours.

Overview of DrS® 3D BodyShaper Program

DrS® 3D BodyShaper Program targets all types of body fats through integrative treatments to:

  • Melt the soft fat with LaserSlim
  • Blast the hard fat with Ultrasound
  • Freeze off the deeper, stubborn fat with Coolsculpting
  • Drained off liquefied fats and Tone Up skin after treatments with RF, lymphatic massage and wraps.

The fat deposited around thigh, arm or tummy tend to be cellulite overlying hard fat. The LaserSlim treatment works first by melting or liquefying the fat from inside the fat cells so it leaves the cells to enter into the lymphatic, and then drained out of the body naturally with help of our RF or electronic massage as post treatments

A single MELT-DRAIN session is almost equivalent to 3 hours in the gym. The 4-paddles gentle laser are applied onto the adipose tissue for 10-20 minutes to breakdown fats, followed by laser-vacuum drainage for another 10 minutes. 6-8 sessions are recommended for achieving optimal results. Remaining thicker (or stubborn) fats can be blast by focused ultrasound or freeze to death effectively by fat-freeze (Cryolipolysis) treatment using patented Coolsculpting technology.

DrS® 3D BodyShaper Program smartly combines the use of these US FDA-approved treatments to ensure safety and efficacy. Treatments are highly comfortable and effective. They are personalised to individual customer after understanding their body type and preferences. Most customers read magazines or take a nap during the 30mins treatment. They can return to work on the same day and see that they drop 1-2 dress-sizes within weeks. Performed more than 10,267 slimming treatments, 84% customers reported seeing results beyond their expectations.

Designed by Doctors . Powered By Medical Technology

CSK® offers complete doctor-guided slimming solutions for your body in a cosy ambience to help you achieve healthy and shapely body using clinically-proven treatments that are designed and tested by medical director and experts to ensure effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Medical Director, Dr Shiau Ee leng has more than 15 years of experience in skin and body wellness. Drawing from such rich experience, she develops highly effective integrated treatments personalised for customers to perfect their face and body with safety and efficacy.

Offering a complete suite of Modern Aesthetics solutions, you will also find our prices reasonable with spa ambience, comfort and quality service. CSK® has 12 aesthetic clinics located conveniently near MRT stations island-wide, , with our main clinics at Novena Medical Center, Orchard, Toa Payoh, Tampines and Jurong East.

CSK® Sampler Treatment Program

  • DrS® LaserSlim Fat-Melt (20min) @ $98*
  • Book appointment via SMS to 9710 8808 “AHBODY-Name, NRIC, Appt Date/Time/Location
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply


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