Everything You Need to Know about Rejuran Skin Healer

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 10 Sep 2020

In this interview, Dr. Mark Lim of Halley Medical Aesthetics explains what sets this face rejuvenation treatment apart and how it complements certain synergistic aesthetic treatments.

We are always looking for products and treatments that will rejuvenate our skin and restore our youth. But there are so many types of aesthetic treatments under the face rejuvenation category. It ranges from skin tightening, skin resurfacing, skin toning to volumising of our face. We can get wrinkles just by listing the different types of treatments!

What we understand from the doctors at Halley Medical Aesthetics is that there is one powerful, but unfortunately understated face rejuvenation treatment. That treatment is popularly known as 婴儿针 or the Rejuran Skin Healer treatment. It is described as a treatment that would give you “baby-smooth skin”, which is why it is called “baby skin injections” in Chinese.


We definitely want to find out more about the Rejuran Skin Healer because nobody says no to beautiful skin. We decided to ask Dr. Mark Lim from Halley Medical Aesthetics to answer some of our questions regarding face rejuvenation and Rejuran Skin Healer.

What exactly is the Rejuran Skin Healer?


Dr. Mark Lim: Rejuran consists of polydeoxyribonucelotides or PDRN for short. It is extracted from purified salmon germ cells. It has several mechanisms of action, but it mainly activates the adenosine A2A receptor which sets off a cascade that results in increased tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Also, Rejuran is broken down to nucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA, which are then recycled for new DNA formation which in turn helps with cell growth and proliferation.

Lastly, Rejuran has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects that protect our skin from free radicals generated from UV exposure and environmental stressors like smoking and alcohol, all of which cause premature ageing of our skin. In fact, there is robust scientific evidence on the use of Rejuran in regenerative medicine including degenerative joint disease and poorly healing diabetic or pressure ulcers.

What does it do for our skin? 

Dr. Mark Lim: Rejuran is suitable for patients with dull-looking or ageing skin, or those with static lines, melasma or pigmentation from sun damage. It helps patients achieve more youthful-looking skin by increasing the number of fibroblasts, which is the cell type responsible for producing collagen and elastin in our skin. Increasing the collagen and elastin content make the skin firmer and more supple.

There is this face rejuvenation treatment called the “Skin Booster” treatment. Is it the same thing?

Dr. Mark Lim: Yes and no. While skin booster treatments are done in an identical fashion, the active ingredient used is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has a direct effect on hydrating the skin and filling up fine lines but unfortunately, lacks the regenerative effects that Rejuran has. So, while the process is the same, the results are different. 



That being said, it is not uncommon to combine the effects of hyaluronic acid with Rejuran, which we offer in our “Halley’s Baby Skin Trio” treatments. The main advantage is the immediate effect of hyaluronic acid which bridges the delayed effect of Rejuran on tissue rejuvenation which often requires a few weeks to see results.  

What other treatments can Rejuran Skin Healer be combined with?

Dr. Mark Lim: I find that Rejuran is also particularly helpful in combination with laser resurfacing treatments like Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel Erbium 1550nm laser.


During such laser treatments, many small wounds are created in the skin dermis to trigger a wound healing response to improve the skin texture. At the same time, these small wounds may cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to an excessive inflammatory response. Rejuran is particularly helpful because it enhances the wound healing response and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Rejuran can help to reduce downtime and achieve a better result.

How do I know if the Rejuran Skin Healer treatment is suitable for me since there are so many other face rejuvenation treatments available?



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Dr. Mark Lim: That is an excellent question. It is important to understand that although Rejuran is an excellent choice to improve skin tone and texture, it does have its limitations. While it helps make the skin firmer and more supple, it cannot provide an effective lift for sagging tissues. Also, as it is neither Botox nor filler, it does not treat active wrinkles, volumise sunken areas or treat deep skin folds.

In my experience, there are often layers and subtleties in my patient’s concerns, so I always recommend a proper consultation before prescribing Rejuran treatment for best results. Sometimes, there may be a more suitable alternative.

What happens during a Rejuran Healer treatment? Is it painful, and will there be any downtime?

Dr. Mark Lim: Before the procedure, we apply topical anaesthetic cream which numbs the skin and significantly reduces any discomfort. The actual procedure takes only about 20 minutes, during which Rejuran is injected manually into the subdermal layer of the skin using ultra-fine needles. Subdermal injections help to ensure shorter downtime and less pain. The injections may be a little uncomfortable but are usually quite well tolerated. Lastly, skin recovery cream is applied at the end of the procedure.


Of course, no explanation on downtime is complete without covering the risk of bruising. Bruises, if any, are seldom large and the risk of bruising is low given that injections are performed superficially, and only very fine needles are used. This can be further reduced by proper aftercare and avoiding supplements such as cod liver oil, ginseng, and vitamin E.

A small group of patients have a higher risk of bruising, including patients with pre-existing bleeding conditions, patients on certain medication, and elderly patients. Occasionally, there may be small bumps on the skin, which will resolve in one to two days with self-massage. 

How is the aftercare like? 

Dr. Mark Lim: Patients may continue their usual skincare regimes with minimal disruption to their daily routines. Bruises, if any, can be easily concealed with cosmetics and usually subside within five to seven days.

However, I routinely tell my patients to avoid washing their face with warm water, going to saunas, drinking alcohol excessively, or exercising vigorously for two days as they can increase blood flow to the face and increase the risk of bruising. 


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Book an appointment with the doctors from Halley Medical Aesthetics for a consultation on Rejuran Skin Healer, and see if it is suitable for you. Like we mentioned earlier, nobody should say no to beautiful skin!


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