Good Things Come in Threes with Halley Medical Aesthetics’ New Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 16 Apr 2014

Dr. Terence Tan takes Intradermal Botox (Micro-Botox) to new level by combining three therapies for total rejuvenation of face.

Halley Medical Aesthetics has launched a new treatment that takes Botox to new heights by combining it with two synergistic therapies for an optimal and a more radical rejuvenation of the face.

Called the Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Programme, it combines Micro-Botox (Intradermal-Botox) with laser treatments into one compact treatment for skin toning, firming, brightening, and pore size, inflammation, and redness reduction.

This results in smooth, firm skin that glows and shows no visible pores or wrinkles at close up. It is a perfect treatment for brides-to-be on their big day or wedding photoshoot and people preparing for a big gala event.

“Botox® is a staple in many medical aesthetic clinics as it has been used for cosmetic purposes for a long time. But the aesthetic industry is constantly changing and there are always new techniques and new uses for existing treatments. Our Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Programme is the esult of us pushing the aesthetic frontier so that we can deliver better and more immediate results to our patients,” says Dr. Terence Tan, Director, Halley Medical Aesthetics.

Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Programme: A synergistic trio

The premise behind the Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Programme is to combine the most synergistic treatments with new techniques — i.e. Micro-Botox — to deliver the best results and the most impact.

Dr. Tan explains, “What we are doing is unlocking the value of existing tried and tested treatments by putting complementary therapies together based on their benefits. We then apply new medical techniques to give the intended results.” 

This latest facial rejuvenation programme by Halley Medical Aesthetics features a trio of treatments with Micro-Botox® as the highlight of the programme. It includes:

[1] A Micro-Botox treatment. It is when diluted Botoxis injected in very small doses on areas like the jawline, under eye area, and cheeks for skin rejuvenation. Unlike regular Botox treatments, Micro-Botox is injected in skin and not into the muscles that control facial expression. The injected Micro-Botox rejuvenates the skin resulting in firmer, less oily skin with smaller pores. Micro- Botox® also gives a natural-looking mini facelift due to the tightening of skin.

In doing so, it freshens up the skin as it removes fine wrinkles and refines skin texture. The result of Micro-Botox® is a chiseled, poreless, and powdered look anytime of the day. Micro-Botox can also be used to reduce eyebags, control oil and sweat production, and treat acne.

 [2] A “Long Pulsed” Restoration Laser is used to firm the skin through stimulation of collagen production through cells in the skin called fibroblasts. The laser also targets haemoglobin within blood vessels, removing fine veins and redness caused by inflammation and acne.

 [3] A “Q-Switched” Brightening Laser is then used to even out skin tone by removing pigments and accentuate reduction of pore size and fine wrinkles. This treatment is important to bring a fresh, glittering glow back to the face.

Halley Medical Aesthetics’ Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Programme is priced at S$890. Results are immediate and patients can expect the most optimal results a week after treatment.

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