IGrow, Hair Loss Treatment

Celevenus Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic | 24 Nov 2013

Having a full head of thick, lustrous hair will give a youthful, healthy and energetic impression to others. Unfortunately, not many are naturally blessed with enviable tresses -- genetics and environmental factors play a role, and, until now, the options available for remedying this situation were either less than effective or prohibitively expensive.



Leveraging a patent-pending combination of built-in laser and LED light devices, iGrow revolutionizes hair rejuvenation, making it much easier to attain healthier hair.


With the new iGrow, consumers have access to the very same technology relied upon in so many doctor's offices and clinical settings -- now in the comfort of their own homes -- and at a fraction of the cost.

Simple and convenient to use, the iGrow comfortably sits atop the user's head, providing continuous overall coverage and leaving them completely mobile and free to do other things while receiving treatment. The iGrow even allows for users to listen to music while their hair rejuvenates -- it features iPod/MP3 compatibility.

  • Safe and Comfortable: No pain or side effect
  • Convenient design: Can be use at home; portable and hands-free
  • iPod/MP3 Compatible: Enjoy your favourite music while you are having the treatment
  • Programmed for men and women
  • Features 51 light sources that include 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights to provide full scalp coverage
  • Combination of Laser and LED
  • Clinical Strength
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Only requires 20 mins twice per week of treatment

The Light Therapy

In 1967, Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University observed that skin cells became healthier and actually grew hair in the right light. Apira Science continued the research, and the rest is hair history...

  • Studies proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 - 670 nm wavelength range.
  • Tests have shown that pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy.

After years of research on the development of low-level lasers technology, iGrow is finally birthed as a portable, affordable and practical hair care solution that makes it possible to rejuvenate your hair in the comfort of your home.



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