It’s Your Body, Own Your Goal. #MyBodyMyGoal

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 26 Sep 2017

Chasing the next great-looking bod on social media can turn your weight loss or body sculpting journey into a painful, depressing, ego-beating process. Don’t, because “My body, my goal.”

Halley Medical Aesthetics MyBodyMyGoal

Women are not the only ones with body concerns. Men have them too, although they are just not as vocal about their problems as women. And with so many body-beautiful Instagrammers sharing their lives and well-toned body to the world 24/7, it is no wonder that our ego and self-esteem is given a beating. Take overnight Internet sensation, Chuando Tan, for instance. His washboard body would put a 21-year-old boy to shame, let alone a 51-year-old. With social media celebrities like him around, let’s forget about taking beach selfies or wearing tank tops. We just want a full cover-up!

Men’s body issues never used to dominate our conversations as much as women’s body issues are discussed. It is not surprising as society tends to be more critical of women when it comes to the looks and body image department. But experts say things are changing. A survey done in the US by Today/AOL Body Image revealed that men actually worry about their appearance more than they worry about their health, their family, their relationships or professional success. The study even cited how action toy figures have changed in measurements over the years to reflect changes in cultural expectations for men’s bodies.

What do men worry about?

Men, like women, are most concerned about their flabby stomach. Next on their list are their arms. While women worry about being thin enough, men worry about gaining weight and bulking up. And for those who are portly, they worry about their ungainly weight, beer belly, and the ugly sounding “man boobs” (gynecomastia).


It is time men tell themselves what the world has been telling women who have been dealt an unfair hand by society a long time ago: It is ok not to look like Barbie’s Ken doll. “Rather than live up to society’s expectations of what men should look like, we have to remind ourselves to be realistic and keep our eyes focused on what is achievable,” says Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics. “Chasing that next great looking bod on social media is not going to be healthy for anybody. It’s your body, set your own body goals.”

Just remember, weight loss or sculpting a nice looking body need not be a painful, depressing, ego-beating process. For insight on how to lose weight and body fat or achieve a trimmer physique, visit Halley Medical Aesthetics’ #MyBodyMyGoal website for easily digestible articles and videos.


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