Korean Celebrities' Most Wanted Facial Features

Aesthetics Hub | 25 Feb 2013

Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo in the modern era. With figures skyrocketing, countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Korea have been attracting both men and women in getting their aesthetic features fixed by plastic surgeons.

Korea has been named the top country with most plastic surgeries done and shopping with bandages is so common that the public will not bat their eyelids at.

K-pop craze has been on the rise and continues to heat up the fever in many countries. Both men and women who seek to fulfil their ideal look, more often than not, refer to Korean celebrities’ appearances. Here are some examples.


With most Korean having single eyelids, more and more celebrity-wannabes are flocking down to get single eyelids surgery. Yes you seen it right. SINGLE eyelids surgery.

Double eyelids are so common nowadays that people are removing their double eyelids to get that ‘Chinese-Japanese-Korean’ slit-eyes look.

Rain is one good example of a single eyelid Korean celebrity and boy, does his single eyelids do look charming enough to enchant the ladies! What’s more is the innocent boyish look that he carries because of his single eyelids.

Taeyang, known to wow girls with his ‘bad boy’ look has given single eyelids another image other than the innocent boyish look. His thick eyebrows that are almost always frowning injects even more badass playboy look that would break the hearts of many willing girls.


Another popular facial feature which most men and women yearn for is the high-bridged nose. Flat and round noses are not necessarily cutesy, especially if you have huge nose that emphasises the flaring of your nostrils. Not cool.

Jaejoong carries a high-bridged nose in between of his 2 mesmerising eyes which helps to perfect his features and face shape. His high-bridged nose is also appropriate to all his other facial features and the size is just right.

Face Shape

A perfect wholesome face is that of actress Song Hye Kyo who needs no introduction. Her face shape may not be a sharped oval, but her broad forehead and wide cheeks allow all the facial features to be ideally positioned in.

On the whole look, Song Hye Kyo portrays an innocent child-like image with those captivating doe-eyes and porcelain fair skin.


Other than curves that are neck-down, men do pay a lot of attention to other curves such as the lips.

Kissable pouty lips that speak ‘Kiss Me’ get men weak in their knees. A well-hydrated moist lips that are painted red like BoA captures men’s hearts. BoA has the perfect ideal lips that are not too thin nor thick that complements her slim nose.

Source: Myfatpocket