Laser Hair Loss Treatment

EHA Clinic | 1 Feb 2016

iGrow uses high-quality lasers and LED’s. Some products use one or the other, but, iGrow uses both.

Credit: Hair Loss

The result: A more effective low-level light therapy (LLLT). The lasers produce a wavelength of 655 to 670 nanometers that have been shown to increase cellular activity within their broader array of light energy, help provide complete scalp coverage.

Effective and perfectly safe, this combination of red therapeutic light helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles.


Renokin Inhibits Hair Loss and Reactivate Hair Growth

There are many possible reasons for hair loss, genetic factors and hormonal changes are few of the most common causes. It is commonly known that the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is a key factor responsible for male pattern hair loss. However, recent studies have found a new gene expression that causes hair loss-Dickkopf-1 (DKK-1). DKK-1 is a protein that kills hair follicle cells and inhibits their growth. RENOKIN peptide complex is a proven DKK-1 inhibitor and the peptides are able to help provide nutrients to the hair follicles, and, stimulate new hair cell proliferation and migration, thus promotion growth of new hair.

With all the benefits of the peptide complex, users of RENOKIN can experience visible reduction in hair loss in just weeks of using the products, and, significant new hair growth after 87 days (approximately 3 months).

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The price varies according to the area treated and starts at $214 for the upper lip area for one session. Laser hair removal using Soprano XLi is a safe hair removal treatment for even those with tanned or dark skin tone.
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Laser for skin rejuvenation or pigmentation using Q-Switch - starts at $428 for one session
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