Lift Years Off Your Face with Silhouette Soft

Astique Clinic | 2 Feb 2015

If you are in your 30s or older and have started to experience sagging skin in your face or neck, you may wish to consider thread facelift as a form of facial rejuvenation.

A thread facelift is a convenient, less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts, and is designed for those who are experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor facial sagging.
ASTIQUE, THE AESTHETIC CLINIC offers Silhouette Soft®, a new non-surgical facelift treatment with a double lift and collagen regenerating effect. It is tailor-made to address flabbiness in the jawline, neck, cheeks and eyebrows. After a small local anaesthetic, Silhouette Soft® sutures are introduced via a micro needle to provide a natural lift effect.
The procedure is carried out in 30 minutes and effects last for up to 18 months. As the sutures are made of poly-l-lactic acid and entirely re-absorbable, lost collagen is restored, giving more definition to your features while maintaining volume over time.
Silhouette Soft® is a tailor-made treatment, so it can be customised to your needs and preferences. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or together with fillers and botulinum toxin to further enhance the contours of your face.
Turn back the clock to look and feel youthful again with Silhouette Soft® threadlift!
ASTIQUE, THE AESTHETIC CLINIC offers Silhouette Soft® Threadlift Facial Rejuvenation at $1699 (incl. GST).
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