Looking Good from All Angles

Astique Clinic | 21 Oct 2015

Every time I take a selfie, I turn my head to my best angle before clicking on the shutter button. 

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Credit: Metro Times

We all know which angle we look good in, but it would really be fantastic if we look good from all angles, isn’t it?

Asians generally tend to have a relatively less 3-dimensional side profile. We have a flatter forehead, lower nose bridge and cheek bones, and a weak chin. That makes our side profile flat and unattractive.


Credit: Drama Fever

Therefore, it is no wonder that rhinoplasty and chin implants are the most common plastic surgery procedures that Asians opt for. But of course, there is no need to go to the extreme if you are afraid of undergoing surgery. In fact, just a few injections will solve the problem. What’s best? There is no down time at all.


Credit: Celeb Goose

Botox and Fillers

With the advent of botox and fillers, we no longer need to go under the knife to achieve a 3-dimensional side profile. 

Fillers can be use on the nose, cheek bones and chin to give these areas more volume and plump them up for a more defined and contoured look. Botox, on the other hand, helps to slim the jaw line, creating a flattering V-shape face. It does so by relaxing the jaw muscles on the side of the face, causing the muscle to shrink, resulting in a slimmer face.

If wrinkles are of concern to you, botox and fillers can also solve the problem. Botox helps the fine lines to relax and soften, while fillers will increase volume under the skin and flatten out deeper wrinkles.

Working hand in hand, botox and fillers can create a more attractive side profile. Not only do we look good from all angles, there is no need to add a filter to your selfies to hide your wrinkles too! 

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