Magic Epicanthoplasty: The Truth about your "Double Eyelids"

Teuim Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic | 23 Apr 2013

Over generations, people want more natural and clear double eyelids. They also want to have attractive images of eyes which can look different from other people’s eyes. So, the Magic Epicanthoplasty was created.


Usually, epicanthoplasty is known as a surgery for just extending the eyes considering its skin structural change for forming a double eyelid.

Teuim Plastic Surgery is always trying to create beautiful and admirable eyes all the time through proper operation techniques for the individual's eyes from the abundant experiences in Magic epicanthoplasty and structural double eyelid surgery. 

The Appearance of Eyelid Skin in a Single Eyelid

In most cases, eyes with a single eyelid make an eye seem so small in both of width and length, they look closed and heavy. Therefore, the refined image is hardly made and they always cause the eyes to look swollen and small as if the person is unintentionally glaring.

Outline of the Eyeline with a Double Eyelid

The eyelashes are the true boundaries of the eyeline between the eyelid and the cornea of the eye (the black region of the eye). The eyeline of a Caucasian is exposed almost completely and it is appeared to look clear and pure due to sufficient exposure of the cornea. Also, the eyes look bigger because of the higher location of the line of the eyelid. In contrast, eyes of a Korean with only a single eyelid are covered with sufficient amount of skin drooping down from above.

Therefore, the eyeline where the lahes grow is hidden within the skin instead of showing the real eyeline. As a result, the more the eyelid skin droops down, the smaller and puffier the eyes look. It also results in widened and exaggerated intercanthal distance due to existing Mongolian folds.


Various types of Single Eyelids

1. A Single Eyelid as a Type of Skin Line

The eyes of the majority of Korean women are the types that the skin of an eyelid is drooped down to the eyeline. This makes the eyes look smaller and stuffier. This is easily found in people who have thick skin and sunken eyeballs as well as brow ptosis. When it is accompanied with severe Mongolian folds, the situation may get worse after all.

2. A Single Eyelid that Shows an Incomplete Wrinkle Line

When women pass their mid-20s, the elasticity of skin gradually gets weaker and unexpected fine wrinkles are formed at one or more locations on the eyelid skin. It is a kind of aging process occurring in the eyes with a single eyelid. Sometimes they delude themselves to have an acquried crease that looks similar to that of an innate crease.

Some people usually mistaken those wrinkles as double eyelids. They sometimes ask the surgeon to make the lines clearer and fix the firmness on that false line. The lines are not the real lines forming the double eyelid. They are, in fact, wrinkles. When the surgery is planned, those wrinkles must be ignored and properly designed again at a new point.

3. An Incomplete Double Eyelid using Liquid Glue or Adhesives

In young women, random skin foldings can be found occasionally because their skins are thin. And when they apply Eye-charm tape (adhesives that make fake eyelids) or some skin adhesives on it, it gets folded more easily. But, when the adhesives get used repeatedly, the skin will lose its elasticity and unfavorable foldings or creases are made when the eyes open.

These are incomplete wrinkled double eyelids caused by Eye-charm. These kinds of actions promote aging process on the eyelids but most women do not realize its bad effects. Although it helps the skin to fold easily and may seem like a double eyelid line, it is basically different from a proper double eyelid. They are just wrinkles.


4. A Single Eyelid Crumpled at Thin Skin

Among protruded eyes, it can be easily observed that the skin can become crumpled at a certain point by the repetitive eye-blinking action. In this case, the wrinkles become deeper and darker because skin is crumpled and unfolded every time the eyes blink.

It is impossible to restore it back when the wrinkles are deepened to some degree.

5. Cases where the Eyes get Poked by your Own Lashes (Entropion)

In case of an eye with a single eyelid, the eyelashes are pointed toward the eyeball sometimes because the lashes are pressed down by the skin of the eyelid. The more one tries to open his/her eyes, the more the eyelashes head down toward the eyeball.

In severe cases, it can give damage to the cornea and this process continues as people grow older. When a double eyelid is created surgically, this phenomenon will miraculously disappear immediately.


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