[Melissa Faith Yeo] Conquering Teeth Grinding in my Sleep with Botulinum Toxin

EHA Clinic | 26 Jan 2014


I grind my teeth when I sleep. It’s not so much of the irksome sound I make – I can't hear myself when I'm asleep anyway - it is the fact that long-term grinding aka bruxism can lead to:

  • Flat teeth 
  • Nerve damage due to the wear and tear of bruxism
  • The protective layer of the tooth also gradually wears off, causing sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Shaky tooth
  • Headache and jaw aches

So I tried out jaw Botox procedure in the hope to relax the active jaw muscles.

Botox requires 2 weeks for it to take effect and during those 2 weeks, it’s advised that I use my jaw muscles as much as possible. In other words, this will be the best time to chew gum and have your steak well done.

One of the side effects of botox is that my face will be smaller. I honestly didn’t mind how I looked before. I already liked my face shape before the effects took place. In fact, I was quite apprehensive to try out jaw Botox because of the plain fact that it will “slim” my face down.

My cheeks are already very big, so with a smaller jaw, I was afraid they might look bigger but I’m glad the results were far from what I feared!

But I was two steps ahead.

Before the jaw botox took effect, I did a fillers injection to lift my apples and filled my smile lines so I would look “balanced” with a slim jaw and lifted cheeks. It is important not to change my features since it would affect the continuity of the series, so doctor worked his forte on me - subtlety. Fillers is basically like moisturizing the under layers of your skin... the very, very bottom where it’s hard to penetrate without a needle.

If you rather not have Botox, don’t worry. There are many other remedies to bruxism! The best person to consult on this is your dentist. :)


If you’re unsure whether you grind your teeth while asleep, which makes absolute sense, you can 1, ask your sleep partner.

Or observe.

See if you have teeth that are flattened or chipped.

Feel if your teeth has become more sensitive.

Feel if you have an earache, headache around your temples and/or tightness around your jaw.

As you can see, fillers isn’t just another way to change your features i.e. heighten the nose bridge or pout your lips, but it also helps freshen your look. Who doesn’t like a more energized, youthful appearance?

And Botox doesn’t only “freezes” your face or is used only aesthetically, it is also good medical help for those who need to weaken overly active muscles.

Bruxism can lead to serious teeth problems in the future. Please get that issue checked before it checked you out.

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