Myth 4: Anti-Aging Treatments are Only For Mature Age Groups

Astique Clinic | 9 Mar 2015


We all know that we can’t stop time and the aging process. Indeed, the effects of aging have been the cause of much distress and dejection. Nonetheless, there are many anti-aging treatments and products available that can help relieve the anxieties and concerns brought about by aging.

A youthful appearance undoubtedly elevates self-confidence, which can lead to better well-being. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, many still believe that it’s only applicable to individuals who are more advanced in age. Is there any truth behind this belief?

Dr Celine Leong of ASTIQUE, THE AESTHETIC CLINIC has encountered her fair share of misconceptions and myths throughout her 5 years of practicing aesthetic medicine. She believes that patients should always be well-informed about their conditions and especially, the treatments they are opting for. In this episode of our myth-busting series, Dr Celine addresses the main fallacy surrounding the much dreaded but unavoidable aging process.

Dr Celine is known for her exemplary professional standards and admirable work ethics. She believes in sharing her knowledge for the benefit of her patients. We hope that this installment of our myth-busting series with Dr Celine has helped you understand the importance of skin care.

Stay tuned for more fact-finding and myth-busting with Dr Celine Leong!


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