Real Beautiful People: Maybeline

Aesthetics Hub | 4 Jun 2013

Because Aesthetics Hub is your authority on beauty, inside and out, we believe in real beautiful people. Sometimes beautiful people are not just by the way they look but from the way they just are. Aesthetics Hub is honoured to be associated with beautiful people who believe in sharing beauty knowledge; from products to techniques.

One such person is Maybeline, a resident blogger with MyFatPocket.


A chameleon of sort, Maybeline can be girly today and boyish the next day.

As with most girls she likes pretty nails, make ups, clothes, movies, good foods and all sort of relaxing stuffs.

She can be girly today and boyish the next day.

A self-confessed HUGE fan of dogs, Maybeline indulges in all things that make her happy.

In case you’re wondering, Maybeline is her real name!

Aesthetics Hub believes this collaboration with Maybelline would give readers an interesting insight into the world of Beauty.

Do keep your eyes peeled and ears perked for future collaborations with more beautiful people.

At Aesthetics Hub, the definition of beauty lies in you.

The definition of beauty lies within you.

The definition of beauty is you.