Regretting that Tattoo?

Astique Clinic | 24 Jan 2014



Laser tattoo removal is still the most common and effective method for removing tattoos. It is also non-invasive as compared to skin-grafting. Laser tattoo removal is applicable to:

• Traumatic tattoos
• Amateur tattoos
• Professional tattoos
• Medical tattoos
• Cosmetic tattoos

How Effective is Laser Tattoo Removal?

A few sessions will be required to remove the tattoo, and the sessions should be spaced at least 4 to 8 weeks apart. The number of sessions required for different individuals varies as this depends on the size, placement, depth and colour of the tattoo. Black and blue colours respond particularly well to laser treatment.

Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it easiest to treat; other colours can only be treated by selected lasers based on the pigment colour.

What is the Procedure like?

You will be asked to put on protective eye shields. Most patients do not require any anaesthesia; however, depending on the location of the tattoo and the pain threshold, our doctor may use some form of anaesthesia. A hand piece will be placed against the surface of the skin and laser light will be activated. Short, intense pulses of the laser would permeate the top layers of skin straight onto the tattoo ink pigment. This causes the ink pigment to break into smaller particles and subsequently be neutralised by the body’s immune system.

The procedure specifically targets the ink pigment, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Many patients describe the laser pulses as being akin to having a rubber band snapping against the skin. After the treatment, an ice pack is applied to soothe the treated area. Our doctor will then prescribe a topical antibiotic cream or ointment. A bandage or patch will be used to protect the treated area.



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