Say NO to Dimpling Skin with Cellulite Reduction Acupuncture

Amaris B. Clinic | 17 Mar 2014

Cellulite Reduction Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to help eliminate your cellulite by nourishing the connective skin tissues from within. Even though cellulite may appear to you as a problem only on the skin surface, in actual fact however, cellulite appears from the deeper layers of your skin.

Focusing on your problem zones, Cellulite Reduction Acupuncture will manage your cellulite at its source – by mobilizing the tight fat pockets, which forms the cellulite. This treatment helps to:

  • Eliminate fat and “orange peel” appearance on skin
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Improve metabolic functions of body cells
  • Detoxify tissues and improve circulation
  • Smooth and firm up skin

However, do note that Cellulite Reduction Acupuncture is not suitable for:

  • Anyone attempting to get pregnant
  • Pregnant women or post-partum women
  • Diabetics
  • Anyone suffering from pathologies of the lymphatic system or peripheral neuropathy

Having a regular monthly maintenance will help to maintain results. With Cellulite Reduction Acupuncture, get ready to notice a smoother, firmer and alluring looking skin.

Please note: Only TCM board certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and acupuncturist are allowed to administer acupuncture on patients. Our medical director, Dr Ivan Puah is a certified acupuncturist registered with Traditional Medicine Board, Singapore. Our clinic only provides “needle-form” of acupuncture.


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