The Ideal Kpop Leg Measurements, Just like That of SNSD’s

EHA Clinic | 15 Feb 2016

Since their debut, SNSD (So Nyeo Si Dae), also commonly known as Girls’ Generation, is known for their long and slender legs. 

Credit: Soshified

SNSD - Gee (2009)

SNSD’s beautiful legs were openly marketed by their company and their trainer even had the perfect leg ratio worked out.

The ideal Kpop leg measurements: 

Credit: Superb Wallpapers

The ideal Kpop leg measurement was said to be “5-3-2”:

  1. The thickest part of your leg - 5
  2. The thickest part of your calves - 3
  3. The smallest part of your ankles - 2

Long and slender legs became the representation of Korean girl groups in recent years, and with the K-wave sweeping through the globe, it wasn’t surprising the everyday girl on the street wants that coveted shape for her legs too.

SNSD - Lion’s Heart (2015)

Achieving the legs you want

Having a proper diet and exercising regularly will keep us in shape and help us bid goodbye to the excess fats on our legs. However, there are just those stubborn fats that refuse to bulge no matter how hard we workout or how much effort we put into spot toning. Our thighs are just not slimming down and our cellulite are still in the limelight whenever we wear shorts.

With advancements in medical aesthetics, contouring our legs are now less of a hassle. CoolSculpting, Liposonix, and HIFU may be the solution to help us end our frustrations to achieve the slender legs we want. 

However, it is still advisable to seek the advice of a qualified doctor. Book an appointment with Dr. Elias Tam from EHA Clinic to see if the treatments are suitable for you, and to find out which is the right treatment to go for. 

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