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Astique Clinic | 20 Aug 2013

The desire to look better is a shared ambition of many people across the globe. People want to look good and where exercise and diet can’t quite deliver, they turn to aesthetic and plastic surgery. This trend and more importantly need, has seen an increase in the in the number of specialized clinics and hospitals even on a global scale.

Outside of South Korea and the US, there are countless numbers of clinics and hospitals that cater to this specific need and as mentioned earlier, the figures are increasing in correlation with demands.

Singapore also has a stable of experienced and highly skilled surgeons and doctors. Practicing out of the many aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics that can be found here, they are as equally apt as their overseas peers in the field of botox, fillers, body sculpting and more. The rise of interest in the industry here meant that our locally based team of medical experts are constantly upgrading their knowledge and expertise.

Privé Clinic

Privé Clinic with their expertise and dedication has satisfied many patients. With an impressive range of state-of-the-art technology and exclusive product range, Doctors KAREN SOH (who is also the Medical Director) and MIRANDA BIEN-LIM are able to address specific issues and needs of the individual by formulating the best solutions and options.

As one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand, Privé is at the forefront of the industry here in Singapore and continues to lead the way with an ever increasing impressive track record. For more information on this clinic, click here.

Cutis Laser Clinic

At Cutis Laser Clinic the focus is on patient education with a patient-centered approach. Customized treatment plans are the result of specialized skin analysis that identifies potential areas of improvements of the individual patient.

With over 20 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine, chronic disease epidemiology, nephrology and transplantation both in the United States and internationally, Dr. SYLVIA RAMIREZ who is the Medical and Scientific Director of Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore has helped many patients achieve their aesthetic ambitions.

Backed by a team of able and experienced staff, she continues to address the needs of the individual patient, lending her expertise and knowledge to help them realize their aesthetic aspirations. For more information on this clinic, click here.

ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic

With the simple approach that healthy skin starts with effective skin treatment, ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic are able to provide the right combination of skin-enhancing treatments and medical cosmetic products to achieve near-perfection.

The understanding that not all complexions are created equal, has enabled them to offer different and customized options to patients. Dr. MATTHEW YAP believes that every individual can look their best with the right knowledge, lifestyle, products and treatments.

This belief has led to many of ASTIQUE’s success stories. The clinic is also known for its ZELTIQ Coolsculpting services which is a non-invasive fat reducing procedure. For more information on this clinic, click here.

Z Medical Aesthetics

Z Medical Aesthetics focuses on skin, body and hair concerns. Through non-invasive treatments and use of the most advanced FDA approved lasers & technology, Dr. Z TEO has been helping patients reverse the signs of aging, rejuvenate skin and improve body contour.

Known for his warm personality and professional care, he ensures the privacy of his patients, giving them individual attention and providing tailored solutions for their specific needs.

With 3 centers island-wide that ensures ease of accessibility and a caring philosophy, Z Medical Aesthetics look set to continue helping patients fulfill their aesthetic dreams. For more information on this clinic, click here.

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics

State-of-the-art equipment, high-end quality products and years of experience have enabled Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics to provide medically proven solutions to flawless skin. Dr. IVAN TAN was one of the pioneering doctors in Singapore to start using the IPL system and with an up to date impressive record of 10,000 patient treatments, his expertise is much sought after. 

Nu.Reflections provides one of Singapore's most comprehensive range of face aesthetic treatments under one roof. An in-depth knowledge, customized solutions and personalized service has contributed to its success and looks set to propel NU.Reflections to greater heights and achievements. For more information on this clinic, click here.

CeleVenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. DYLAN CHAU is well versed in solving dermatological problems. Patients have been heading to CeleVenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic to seek his expertise on issues ranging from pigmentation, acne scars and enlarged pores or even for a simple rejuvenation. Apart from treating patients, he is also a Sculptra trainer to doctors and this has made him a respected medical professional amongst his peers.

At CeleVenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic, patients are assured of a high standard of professional treatment and care. Being result-oriented and innovative encompassing a wide range of services, aesthetic issues and concerns are expertly addressed with customized and appropriate solutions.

The vast number of clinics and hospitals that cater to the aesthetic and plastic surgery industry is good news for the medical tourists. But when it comes to the crunch, a clinic’s reputation and safe practise methods should always take precedence when making a choice. It is also important to adhere to any dietary or fitness advice given by the specialists as at the end of the day, it is more important to stay looking good. For more information on this clinic, click here.


Aesthetics Hub

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery by definition is a discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques which adds aesthetic appeal to an otherwise functioning area such as the head, neck and body. Plastic surgery on the other hand is reconstructive in nature and is employed in the cases of body defects such as birth disorders, traumas, burns and diseases. As such, cosmetic procedures are usually more recommended and most importantly, more suited for aesthetic needs as the options that falls under this category include minimally or non-invasive procedures.

To learn more about this, visit Aesthetics Hub, a convenient and information-rich platform for your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns. From Singapore to the Philippines and Korea, Aesthetics Hub covers a diverse range of aesthetics topics; from the most innovative treatments, products and news to local doctor’s directory and How-It’s-Done procedure videos, Aesthetics Hub is your reliable  source for information on beauty, inside and out.

No more fear, no more untrustworthy information, and unreliable sources. Aesthetics Hub, through our partnership with reputable doctors, is here to answer any questions you may have, helping you to make informed and confident decisions to address your aesthetics needs.

Remember, the definition of beauty lies within you.

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