Theraclear (Acne)

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre | 28 Aug 2015

The Theraclear™ Acne Clearing System (The Theraclear™ System) combines intense pulse light with vacuum (suction) for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne (including acne vulgaris), comedonal ance and pustular acne.


The vacuum is used to clear the pores of sebum and other foreign material that may be clogging it thus cleansing the pores of the cause of many acne lesions. Also, the suction pulls the skin physically closer to the source of light therapy enhancing the therapeutic effect (eradication of acne bactreria, reduction of oil glands and haemoglobin).


Advantages of the Theraclear™ Acne Clearing System :
1. Acne treatment
2. Reduction of redness around acne lesions
3. Reduction of oil producing glands
4. Improvement on hyperpigmentations (spots) coming from previous acne
5. Reduction of pore size
6. Imorvement of skin textrure



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