Troubled by Moles? Get Rid of them with Ablative Laser

Astique Clinic | 10 Jan 2014

Troubled by moles growing on awkward areas and having friends making fun of them? Get your moles removed by our doctor today at ASTIQUE, using special laser machines.

Moles are extremely common in individuals and they are formed when cells called melanocytes group together. Melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin which gives your skin its colour – where they cluster together, the skin is darker.

Laser mole removal is very effective for moles which do not go very deep into the skin. This method usually produces the least amount of scar tissue, although several treatments are usually needed to completely eliminate the discoloration.

Ablative laser is used to deliver high energy selectively on pigments within the skin, breaking the pigments down to be absorbed by the body, and thereby removing the mole. Anaesthetic cream will be applied over the area to numb it, before our doctor carries out the laser treatment. During treatment, patients may experience a slight tingling sensation akin to being snapped by a rubber band.

Depending on each individual, the size of the mole and the area, the treated area will take about 1 to 2 weeks for complete recovery. After treatment, the area will experience slight redness and a dry scab will form over the next few days. Do not attempt to peel or scratch the dry scab off; it will drop off on its own when the skin is ready to heal.

ASTIQUE has a one-month policy for mole removal treatment. Should your mole grow back within a month from the date of your treatment, you can book an appointment with our doctor for a free touch up.



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