We Bust These 7 Weight Loss Myths to Help You Achieve the Body You Want

Centre For Cosmetic | 31 Aug 2017

It can be really hard to differentiate fact from fiction with so many weight loss articles and videos easily available on the internet.

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To help you overcome the weight loss plateau to achieve the body you want, Dr Liu Han Ping from Centre for Cosmetic busted these 7 weight loss myths for us. 


Myth 1: Carbs are all bad


There are mainly two groups of carbohydrates, the refined carbohydrates from white flour, and the added sugars. Some diet books call these groups of carbohydrates “bad”carbs. The “good”carbs are food that has complex carbohydrates with fibres.

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Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans take a longer time to break down into glucose and hence do not cause a surge in sugar levels in our blood. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, immune system and have anti-carcinogenic properties. Therefore, these are the so-called "good carbs" that we should eat more of.

We must all have a balanced diet, therefore it’s alright to occasionally reward ourselves with sweet food. However, do make an effort to reduce these treats in the next meal.


Myth 2: You don't have to work out to lose weight


All activities require calories and contribute to weight loss. However, in this fast-paced society, optimising time for weight loss is important for everyone. For the same amount of calories burnt, vigorous-intensity physical activity requires a shorter time compared to moderate-intensity physical activity and low-intensity physical activities requires the longest duration of workout.


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Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, cycling and swimming are recommended workouts for everyone. If you have not started working out regularly, we advise at least 10 minutes of mild to moderate- intensity activities initially and targeting a minimum of 30 minutes each work out for 5 times a week.


Myth 3: Your metabolic rate is fixed


As you grow older, your metabolic rate will slow down. So cut down on food high in fats, sugar and starch. In order for you to optimise your metabolism, perform a balance of muscle strengthening, aerobic exercise and be well hydrated.

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Myth 5: Slimming pills are effective for long term weight loss


Everyone needs a medical consultation before taking medication for weight loss. Weight loss medication needs medical supervision and is only prescribed for a short term. Maintaining a lifelong healthy weight is only achieved by understanding and achieving a balanced diet and adequate exercise.


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Myth 6: Eating after 6 pm makes you gain weight


It doesn’t matter what time you eat; what’s important is how many calories you consume. If your total calorie intake is less than the calories you use, weight loss will happen.


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Myth 7: Excessive fat and skin laxity around the tummy, thighs and elbow can only be reduced by surgery


There are non-surgical treatments like 3-Max CoolShaping for skin tightening, volume reduction and body contouring. 

3-Max CoolShaping

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3-Max CoolShaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution by using the integrated technology of cryo, vacuum and LED and the system seeks to improve the accuracy of fat and cellulite treatment, and it works well on areas like the abdomen, back, thighs, hips, calf arms and love handles. If your stubborn bulges aren't going away even after diets and workouts, book an appointment for a consultation with Dr Liu Han Ping from Centre for Cosmetic to check your suitability for the treatment.