What's Most Vital When Selecting a Doctor to Administer Fillers?

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 22 Oct 2015

We want to look better, not worse. It is important to choose the correct aesthetic doctor for your treatments.  

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Credit: Medical Grapevine Asia

But what are the criteria for selecting the right doctor? What exactly are we looking for?

MyFatPocket did a poll with our readers and here are the results:

The doctor’s eye for aesthetic came up second on the priority list, followed by the doctor’s technique. Many felt that these two came hand in hand. The doctor must have an eye for beauty and beauty trends, and his or her technique must ensure that the facial balance and aesthetics can be achieved.

We were really surprised at the results because we would have thought that most of us would put the doctor’s technique at the top of our priority list. But in fact, the doctor’s personality came out on top.

It seems that it is really important for customers to feel at ease with the doctor before they feel comfortable about receiving any treatments. A quick interview with some readers revealed that they need to be able to talk to the doctor about their concerns, and that the doctor must be willing to hear and understand what they want. They added that a doctor who is friendly also puts them at ease before their procedures. Just like Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics, who is known for his cheerful and witty personality, with laughter often heard through the walls of his clinic. It definitely helps the patient to be less nervous about the needles before a dermal filler injection or any other aesthetic treatment.


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