Eye Rings Shrink-err Treatment Correct Dark under Eye Circles and Rejuvenates Hollow & Ageing Eyes

Amaris B. Clinic | 2 Dec 2013

Dark eye circles will make you look tired, worn-down and older than you actually are. Though some dark eye circles are hereditary, many are caused and exacerbated by poor lifestyle.  Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, over exposure to sun, excessive drinking and smoking are some of the common causes, which may lead to those raccoon-like dark eye circles.

Amaris B. Clinic has a series of minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments to help you tackle your dark eye circles and eye bags.

Eye Rings Shrink-err treatment can help to significantly correct dark under eye circles and rejuvenates hollow and ageing eyes as well. This minimally invasive procedure requires very little downtime and make-up can be applied immediately following the procedure, making it perfect to be carried out as a “lunch-time” fix.

Another popular dark eye circles eradicator that we offer is known as C.B Laser – it generates wavelengths of light which targets directly at the area to be treated (dark eye circles), leaving the surrounding skin without damage.  It is safe, and well tolerated by most patients without any form of anaesthetic.

C.B Laser treats not just the dark eye circles on the under eye but also the “dark shadows” around the upper eye. There is no downtime with C.B Laser treatment; results are immediate.

Take charge of your dark circles now so that you never have to worry about being seen in your bare face any longer.

Find out more about our dark eye circles and eye bags treatments!


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