Myth 3: Portable Home IPL Machines Are Just As Effective as Treatments at Aesthetic Clinics

Astique Clinic | 23 Feb 2015
IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is perhaps one of the most well-known and utilised aesthetic treatments. It’s an effective solution that addresses hair removal and skin rejuvenation needs.

With continuous advancements being made in technology, particularly in the field of aesthetic treatments, there are now a myriad of portable IPL machines available for the home. But are they really effective?

In this installment of our myth-busting series, Dr Celine Leong of ASTIQUE, THE AESTHETIC CLINIC sheds light on the subject. Dr Celine is known for giving her patients personalised and detailed attention. She’s always willing to dispense valuable advice and share knowledge, which reflects her exemplary work ethics that’s interlaced with a personal touch.

So back to the question - are portable home IPL machines effective? Watch the video and find out what Dr Celine has to say.

For Dr Celine, apart from efficacy, the safety and well-being of a patient during treatment are also paramount. Undeniably, there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding aesthetic treatments and she believes that it is important for patients to understand and to be able to differentiate facts from fiction or hearsay.

We hope that this episode of our myth-busting series has helped you better understand the effectiveness of portable home IPL devices and aided you in your decision-making.

Stay tuned for more fact-finding and myth-busting with Dr Celine Leong!

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