Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder. Who’s Your Beauty Icon?

Halley Medical Aesthetics | 30 Mar 2016

No matter your definition of beauty, there’s no need for invasive surgery in your pursuit for beauty.


Be it classic stars or our modern pop idols, these media icons are the epitome of beauty. From Hollywood’s Golden Age girl Audrey Hepburn to Taylor Swift and her girl squad, whom did you pick as the ultimate beauty icon?  

Im Yoon Na, Credit: 9gag 
Im Jin Ah, Credit: Kpop Fans

The Kpop stars seem to have an edge over our classical beauties with Im Jin-ah taking the lead, followed by Im Yoona. It is no wonder that they say Korea is leading the global beauty trends nowadays! Marilyn Monroe was ranked third among our readers, followed by Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, with Audrey Hepburn in the last seat.   

Credit: Rant Chic 
Credit: Fact Mag 
Credit: Can India

To each her own and we all have our own opinion of what beauty is. But is there a more scientific way of defining beauty or does one go by what’s pleasing to the eyes?

“Although the definition of beauty is different across different countries and different cultures, there are some similarities,” says Dr. Terence Tan, Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics. “If you look at the celebrities both from the West and the East like Megan Fox, Fan Bing Bing, Park Si Yeon or many other Korean stars, it is generally true that a beautiful face has wrinkle-free skin, v-shaped face, well-defined 3D projection of facial features that are well balanced, and a youthful appearance.”   

Credit: The Divine Addiction

While stories abound of how people go through extreme surgeries to achieve the look that they want, there is no need to do so. “Getting surgery done overseas is not only risky, it can also be costly, time-consuming, and traumatic, especially if there are complications. What many people do not know is that doctors can also deliver the same results safely and at an affordable cost locally without the need for invasive surgery, using the latest techniques and medical tools,” explains Dr. Tan. With 3D projection, for instance, doctors are able to sculpt and enhance facial features using a combination of techniques involving machines like the Ultherapy device, threads, and fillers for nose, cheek, chin, and other parts of the face to create a more sculpted look. Some of these techniques have minimal and even zero downtime.

If it is the v-shaped face that you desire, for example, one of the methods is to combine the Ultra-V Lift technique, which is a non-anchoring thread lift method with Korean methods of applying of Botox to the jaw to achieve facial slimming, suggests Dr. Tan. “I will then augment this with dramatic 3D projection achieved through fillers and jawline thread lifts to give the face a more chiseled look, completing the makeover.” Using Ultherapy for facial slimming combined with Botox is also another method of achieving the v-shaped face.

Ultimately, no matter what your definition of beauty is, your beauty journey needs to start with a doctor whom you are comfortable with. As the saying goes: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So your doctor’s sense of aesthetics is an important consideration criteria before you embark on a makeover.


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