Breast Augmentation with Fillers

Aesthetics Hub | 6 Sep 2016
Many dreams about a beautiful, attractive breast that catches the eyes of men and excites envy in other women. Until recently, the only option for breast augmentation was surgical implants.However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of going under the knife. Modern medical biotechnology gives women plenty of opportunities to have perfect breast. In addition, they can get it by means of noninvasive surgery, as there is no scars due to its painless and short-time recovery. Aquafilling® gel has become a breakthrough product in aesthetic medicine that has completely changed the perception of the fillers. Aquafilling® gel is the newest soft tissue filler that has recently become the most modern for breast enhancement and contouring, enhancement, contouring and buttocks augmentation, and can do better facial defects correction too.


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Breast remodeling is the most popular procedure for women. Whereas there is the increased patients` interest in breast reshaping, scientists continue to develop new less invasive methods. One of the latest available surgical techniques is breast augmentation procedure using Aquafilling® bodyline.



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Aquafilling® bodyline is designed to make new body contouring at different parts of human body. It is an innovative hydrophilic gel composed of saline (98%) and polyamide (2%) which fully corresponds to the inner substance of a human body. Thanks to its characteristics the filler shows a good aesthetic result due to soft tissue volumizing effect, skin smoothing and rejuvenation. Aquafilling® bodyline is used for breast contouring and breast enhancement providing a highly safe and natural effect.



The application of Aquafilling® gel is recommended in the following cases:

  • breast shape improvement in cases of mastoptosis (after pregnancy or breastfeeding);
  • breast enlargement in cases of small bust (hypomastia);
  • breast asymmetry correction;
  • correction of breast deformities.



Before the procedure, all patients must be examined with ultrasound or mammography to make sure of mammary gland condition. Aquafilling® bodyline gel is injected through the skin puncture with thin needle or 1.5 mm cannula. The gel is injected under the gland tissue. While the gel is being injected, it is possible to mould it into the shape desired by the patient, and 100 ml-200 ml of the gel can be injected into each breast (averagely 150 ml). Aquafilling® injections provide a much more natural feel of the breast compared with the surgical silicone implants. They also look much more natural. The needle marks invariably disappear in a few days and there are no permanent scars.



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The breast contouring procedure with the gel takes about 1 hour and requires only local anaesthesia. This procedure is not a traumatic as the gel is injected through the skin puncture with thin needle or cannula, thereby minimizing the risk of any injury. The procedure is minimally invasive and absolutely painless. It does not require long-term recovery compared with breast implants augmentation surgery. The patient is allowed to leave a hospital in a few hours after the procedure. Just 24 hours after gel injection, the woman can return to her daily activities. Admirable result is seen immediately after the procedure but the final aesthetic result will be obtained within a few days after the procedure (after complete swelling disappearance).

Aquafilling® application creates natural appearance of breast outlines. Because Aquafilling® gel is slowly degradable filler, the long-lasting clinical effect lasts more than 5 years. Treatment with this agent is very safe and no serious adverse effects have been reported.



Fist of all, the treatment may be performed only by a physician who has completed a training course in using Aquafilling® bodyline and has an appropriate certificate. Aquafilling® procedure is prohibited in patients who suffer from blood coagulation-related problems, acute and chronic somatic disorders, neoplastic disorders, skin infections and inflammations, who are intolerant or allergic to some medications and during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Some types of breast deformity and benign mammary diseases are local contraindications too.



After the treatment, the Patient can change the sticking plaster by herself for 6-7 days. Special caution should be taken, and the area where the gel is injected should be treated gently. It is very important not to wash the injection spot with water for 5-7 days. Patient is advised to wear special medical bra for 3-4 weeks after treatment, avoid pressure to the treated areas, exercises which consist of flexing upper extremities, and sleeping in a prone position. Taking sauna and solarium should also be avoided during the first month after treatment.



The Aquafilling® bodyline soft tissue filler is the best choice to improve breast shape. Aquafilling® demonstrates the highest clinical efficiency and patients satisfaction in the aesthetic breast plastic.


Source: AQUA Filling


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