Exfoliate Dull Surface & Smoothen Blemishes with Jet Peel

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics | 5 Feb 2015

The sound of Jet Peel might intimidate many at first. Its invasive-like name might have some thinking as though the procedure would quickly peel a layer off your skin in record speed or some sort of turbo charged jet engine filled with acid. Thankfully, Jet Peel is nothing like that. It is all natural, virtually painless and dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin.


What is Jet Peel?

Unlike microdermabrasion, Jet Peel uses a liquid in place of the usual crystals to exfoliate dull surface cells and smoothen blemishes. Think of it as power-washing and exfoliating your face.

Pressurized pure oxygen is used to accelerate liquid saline at supersonic velocities onto the skin, creating an exfoliative effect. This is a simple and effective superficial peel that helps rejuvenate the facial skin almost instantly.

How does Jet Peel work?


The system uses a specially designed micro-jet hand piece to create a supersonic two-phase jet consisting of microdroplets of saline solution. Different vitamins and supplements that address the patient’s problem are mixed into the solution. Without having the hand piece touching the skin, the liquid agent moving at speeds of up to 200 meters per second meet the patient’s skin and exfoliates at point of contact.

This “pressure wash” gently peels off the superficial layers of the skin. This not only uncovers a healthier and youthful looking skin, it also helps in the penetration and absorption of vitamins and supplements into the skin to purify and restore that vibrant glow.

The unique procedure works simultaneously on five different levels at once:

• Deep Cleanses
• Exfoliates
• Hydrates
• Oxygenates
• Micro-circulates the treated area

What can Jet Peel treat?


Jet Peel treatments are highly effective in skin texture improvement, fine lines, wrinkle reduction, scarring, acne, puffy eyes, blackheads, unwanted pigmentation and other comedone eruptions.

Where can Jet Peel treatments be used?

Jet Peel treatments are most commonly performed on the face, neck and décolleté. However, they can be administered to any area of the body that requires deep cleansing, smoothing and hydration.

Why should I choose this treatment?


The advantages of Jet Peel treatment are numerous. It is the perfect skin technique for exfoliating your skin and improving the appearance of multitude skin conditions quickly and effortlessly without pain or discomfort.

There is no downtime and patients can resume normal activities immediately with minimal side effects associated with it. The Jet Peel procedure also massages your skin and promotes circulation, which is why your skin will look vibrant, smooth and younger.

Is Jet Peel a Safe Procedure?

The fundamental basis of all cell growth and repair requires both water and oxygen. Jet Peel technology can provide the skin ample quantities of these essential natural elements with ‘pressure washing’ the face. The treatment is painless; the jet feels cool and soothing as it gentle unclog pores and remove debris that naturally build-up in your skin.

Jet Peel treatments are therefore safe for both patient and administering staff.

When can I see results?


Immediately. Patient will leave the doctor’s office with a youthful and revitalized glow.



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