Five Medical Professionals in Arizona Warned of Counterfeit Botox

Aesthetics Hub | 3 Jan 2013

Federal drug regulators said that five Arizona doctors and nurse practitioners are among more than 350 practices nationwide that may have received a Canadian drug supplier’s shipment of unapproved Botox that could be counterfeit or unsafe.


The Food and Drug Administration said that medical practices should stop using the wrinkle-busting treatment shipped by suppliers owned by Canada Drugs. The FDA said the shipments were unapproved, so the federal agency cannot verify whether the Botox is safe and effective.

The FDA said that Arizona doctors or nurses who may have received the unapproved shipments are Lynne Pirie of Care Free Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix; Kevin Lewis of Tucson; John Pierce of Scottsdale; Jody Reiser of Phoenix; and Sindy Sheldon of Glendale.

Pierce said Thursday he was unaware of the FDA’s inquiry before being contacted by The Republic.

“We only buy from reputable suppliers,” Pierce said. “This could have been someone we ordered one bottle from when we were unable to order from our usual sources. We have had no adverse reactions to Botox.”

Lewis and Reiser did not return messages on Thursday. Pirie and Sheldon could not be reached.

The FDA said that medical practices should verify that products are purchased directly from the manufacturer, a licensed distributor or a licensed pharmacy.

Dr. Susan Van Dyke, a cosmetic dermatologist in Paradise Valley, said she orders Botox directly from its manufacturer, Allergan. She recommends that consumers ask questions when a practitioner offers sharply discounted rates for anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox or skin fillers.

“When you walk around town and seek the supercheap Botox prices, the (practices) can’t offer that to a patient and remain in business,” Van Dyke said.

Source: Azcentral