Freezing the Fat in Specific Patient Niches

Stefanie Lee | 4 Feb 2015

When you consider bringing a new device into your practice, key questions usually include (a) can I turn a profit and (b) will it deliver promised results? (Not necessarily in that order.) When it comes to CoolSculpting (Zeltiq), specifically, two cosmetic surgeons offer clinicians their perspective.



Creating thigh gap

CoolSculpting, nonsurgical treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for fat reduction of the flank and abdomen, has recently received an expanded approval to also treat and sculpt the thigh areas. Could this new indication be the next hot niche to be explored? Lawrence Broder, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon in Austin, Texas, offers his opinion.


Credit: Valerie Grison Blog

“With this new FDA-approval the technique can now be used to help patients achieve that coveted thigh gap. Women who are thin and have wide hips — due to genetics — can often achieve a thigh gap naturally; however, those who do not have that particular genetic makeup can now achieve a gap through CoolSculpting procedures on their thighs.”

Curious patients will want to know: Does it work?

“With addition of the thigh areas, this treatment is now the only cold-based fat reduction technique that has passed clinical trials," Dr. Broder says. "Interestingly, during those FDA clinical trials, 86 percent of participants claimed to see a visible reduction in their thighs approximately 16 weeks after the procedure.”

While CoolSculpting is a noninvasive fat reduction/body sculpting option, it’s important to set expectations with patients.

“This approval is great news for those who are looking for a noninvasive, safe procedure to achieve slimmer thighs, including the popular and coveted thigh gap look,” he says. “However, erythema and minor urticarial plaques may occur, as well as some bruising and residual numbness.”

The making of ‘ManLand’

If you happened to attend any one of the presentations by Grant Stevens, M.D., at this year’s Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2014 meeting, you know he’s been successful in making CoolSculpting work for his practice. In “Marketing a New Product or Service,” Dr. Stevens, of Marina del Rey, Calif., told the audience, “I never dreamed I’d have seven machines.”

But it didn’t happen all at once.



Using a strategic growth model, he generated an awareness and strong brand association for his practice with this non-surgical fat reduction device. Importantly, he is nurturing a specific patient niche based on trends and real numbers. More than half of his CoolSculpting business comes from men.

That’s right: 51 percent, to be precise.

As a result, the next step for him is the soon-to-open ManLand at Marina Plastic Surgery, designed specifically for this patient segment where men can get “more hair on their heads and less on their back” in the company of attractive staff members and sports on the big screen. As for any concerns about the nearly four-hour treatment time required to treat certain areas?

"I have two devices in each room," he says. And that means half the treatment time.

Source: Cosmetic Surgery Times


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