[K-Beauty] Seoul TouchUp Now Simplifies Its Get-Started Form for Cosmetic Surgery Enthusiasts

Bianca Zen | 19 Dec 2013

Seoul TouchUp has now simplified their get-started form for the sake of convenience; cosmetic surgery enthusiasts can now expect an easier process in organizing their beauty trip to Korea.

There are hundreds of clinics around stations in Gangnam to choose from which itself could be enough of a challenge; to be wading through a foreign country on your own, for medical purposes, is a vulnerable position to be in.

However, they have tackled this problem so that organizing a beauty trip does not need to be a tumultuous task. Now, by allowing users to simply submit a single get-started form, Seoul TouchUp has now reduced the possible pitfalls of online communication. While in the process of organizing their beauty trip, there is now less clutter and so, less complications and a clearer direction for enthusiasts.

Besides the removal of clutter, information has also been made accessible – and with a little exploration and initiative, enthusiasts will find help to be of abundance. For instance, a compact table packed with useful information may have been overlooked by many a visitor. This table states the cost for general plastic surgery procedures, such as calf reduction surgery which falls within the price range of $4,150 to $5,230.