[K-Beauty] Vitamin Injection that Slows Down Skin Aging

Bianca Zen | 28 Aug 2014

Flawless skin is a must-have condition for beautiful women all around the world. Thus, summer is the season they must be careful the most to keep clean and flawless skin.

Strong UV rays create melanin pigments and eventually cause darker skin. For those who are afraid of dark spots, there is a treatment that suppresses melanin pigments and corrects skin tone. Since the treatment contains antioxidant effect and enhancement of immunity, it is favored by many women that are looking for whitening care.

Q. What is Whitening Care?

Whitening Care signifies controlling melanin regularly to keep skin transparent. Vitamin injection is great in whitening and it prevents pigmentation.

So far, people were familiar with taking vitamin as a pill, but now that there is an injection, it is becoming very popular. This type of treatment brings energy to face and is effective in overcoming fatigue.

Q. What does JK Plastic Surgery’s Vitamin Injection do?

The injection is made of ingredients that suppresses melanin creation and provides nutrients. It contains antioxidant ingredients and some nutritive substances that cannot be taken by eating foods.

One of the most important issues in this treatment is having counseling with professional doctors before getting the treatment. The treatment takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on one’s condition and it does not interrupt ordinary lifestyle at all.

Regarding the treatment, doctor Baek Hye Won from JK Plastic Surgery said, “This vitamin injection is spreading around many women as a trend because it is not only great in beauty treatment, but also in diet and fatigue recovery.”

Then she said, “Since it takes a short time, it’s great for busy office women and men. It will definitely delay skin aging.”

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery has been leading the industry with a large scale and the hospital was recognized for its successful technology after holding a presentation in overseas field.

Source: BNT News