Move Over, Sideboob. Welcome GAPBOOB!

Aesthetics Hub | 1 Apr 2014

CELEBRITY cleavages have taken a life of their own in recent months; developing their own personalities (we have a few on speed dial). Medical concern is now growing for their safety.

Jodie Marsh, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

NEW TREND: Jodie Marsh and Nicola McLean are pioneers of gapboob [EXPRESS / FLYNET]

For no longer does side boob cut it anymore when there's an ocean of body-barers competing for the flashbulbs to point in their direction on the red carpet.


The new trend, continually threatenting to poke eyes out, sees serial flesh-flashers expose maximum boobage to create a busty subway from neckline to navel. Culprits tend to be those who have handed over their hard-earned dollar to the aesthetic medicine surgeon; with their new stuck-on balloons free from the hassle of bras.

Instead, the perky mountains are naturally separated with a giant gap as epic as the Eurotunnel.

Nicole Morris, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

PLASTIC FANTASTIC: Nicole Morris at the National Television Awards [EXPRESS]

Natalee Harris, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

GET THE LOOK! Natalee Harris lost weight following a gruelling fitness plan [FLYNET]

Jessica-Jane Clement, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

HOT STUFF: Jessica-Jane Clement sizzled in bikinis during I'm A Celebrity jungle antics [WENN]

Guilty offenders are largely from our beloved reality TV family; with several TOWIE, The Valleys, and Big Brother ladies promoting the 21st century movement.

This week, Welsh babe Nicole Morris stunned onlookers at the National Television Awards with a frock that had its entire torso section missing. Popping out like jack-in-the-box heads, her plastic fantastic assets verged on the frightening. The skin soiree was being practised by the criminals out in force, hitting Nuts' 10th anniversary celebrations in outfits that had about as much material as a tie.

Frankie Essex

TOO MUCH? Frankie Essex lets it all hang out at Nuts' 10th party [FLYNET]

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

ENOUGH SPACE TO PARK A CAR! Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is serial flesh-flasher [FLYNET]

Coco Austin, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

AMERICAN PRINCESS: Coco Austin is a superstar across the pond [WENN]

Former BB housemates Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, 35, and Nicola McLean, 32, got busy embracing their chest spaces that were wide enough to park Range Rovers.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan could have used her impressive expanse as a glass holder to keep her champers throughout the evening.

And Frankie Essex's jumbo twins were so animated they were pulsing with a vein.

What next… skirts with the backside snipped out? We hear the Kardashian Kollection are working on a design…

Jodie Marsh, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

ORIGINAL GAPBOOBER: Jodie shot to fame after going clubbing in belts [EXPRESS]

Holly Hagan

BRAS ARE SO LAST YEAR: Holly Hagan embraces the trend [FLYNET]

Jodie Marsh, gapboob, Nicola McLean, sideboob

MIND THE GAP: Nicola McLean has been under the knife to boost her assets [WENN]


1 Surrender natural beauty for silicone silliness

2 Buy a dress from Celeb Boutique… if you can't stretch to the £150 price tag, take a pair of scissors to a Primark frock and cut out the bodice area with reckless abandon

3 Make sure the neckline plunges down below your cleavage, ideally to the belly button

4 Fight the urge to wear a bra, and embrace your inner flesh-flasher

5 Hit the town, seeks the paps, party like a mofo

Sallie Axl

Source: Daily Stars