New Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure called SVELT, Small Volume Elective Lipo Transfer

Aesthetics Hub | 11 Feb 2014

Breast augmentation is something many women desire, however, having artificial breast implants is not an attractive idea for those women who also choose to follow a natural healthy lifestyle.


With this problem in mind, a new natural breast augmentation procedure has been developed, which uses fat transfer but in a very new way. It is announced and explained this week on the internet talk radio show Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today when show host & Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Dr Daryl Hoffman, board certified plastic surgeon from Palo Alto, California.

In this in-depth interview, on this increasingly popular internet talk radio show, the two doctors discuss the new method of using fat transfer for breast augmentation. They have named it SVELT, Small Volume Elective Lipo Transfer, and it is a new procedure which they have been developing & refining, to great success.

They describe how the process uses fat harvested from the patient, which is then injected in small volumes over a period of time to achieve a gradual and natural augmentation without implants. This is the very first time that this procedure has been discussed in detail.

Source: SB Wire