Noelle Reno's Zapped Her 'Wobbly Tummy' Away

Bianca Zen | 31 Oct 2014

One might find it hard to believe Fashion TV star Noelle Reno has any imperfections.



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But, despite a regular gym routine and a healthy diet, the socialite was self-conscious of her ‘wobbly’ tummy.

Now, she says she has ditched the Spanx – after ‘fabulous’ results from a flab-zapping treatment.

Noelle, 31, booked six Velashape sessions with Brazilian doctor Ariel Haus at his Harley Street clinic.

The treatment – which costs from £190 – involves a probe that emits radio-frequency energy, a type of heat, while suctioning fatty areas and tightening skin.

‘My tummy and love handles are my stubborn areas and this treatment really shifted the fat,’ says Noelle, partner of tycoon Scot Young – once imprisoned for not playing ball with judges during his toxic divorce, with his former wife Michelle.

‘Even my boyfriend said my stomach looked much flatter.’

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