Permanent Low Cost Alternatives Available to Fix Crooked Noses

Aesthetics Hub | 20 Mar 2013

Effective and low-cost treatments to help correct rhinoplasty procedures with which a patient is unhappy are widely available, according to a Beverly Hills, California-based cosmetic surgeon.


“Many unhappy patients search for a better nose through additional nose surgeries, most commonly revision rhinoplasty,” says Robert Kotler.

But the high cost of such procedures can be reduced significantly using medical-grade silicon filler, in a procedure which Dr Kotler has been using successfully for 35 years.

The filler can be used to permanently conceal grooves, divots, depressions and nasal humps, and, unlike many proprietary fillers, there is no need for repeated courses of treatment, Dr Kotler says.

nose fillers

The procedure, called injection rhinoplasty, is carried out under a local anaesthetic, and involves injecting tiny droplets of filler just under the nose’s skin. It then takes six weeks for the filler to become surrounded naturally by a small capsule of human tissue, which, in time disguises grooves and marks in the nose.

“Non-surgical rhinoplasty using under-the-skin micro-droplets has a 50-year track record of safety and effectiveness as dermatologists and a few other cosmetic plastic surgeons specialising in procedures of the head and neck have reported in medical journals,” noted an article on

Source: Harleymedical